Position in the research group "Theoretical Quantum System Design"

The research group Theoretical Quantum System Design (TQSD) at the Chair of Theoretical Information Technology of the Technical University of Munich has open student positions.

The newly founded group offers the possibility to work on the theoretical foundations of quantum system design. The group focusses on application of analytical methods to questions that are motivated from practical system design and deployment. Interdisciplinary work, especially the collaboration and contact with research groups focusing on classical system design or experimental research on quantum systems and with the TUM Entrepreneurship center are encouraged.

The research agenda evolves around the following four major topics:

  1. Message transmission and entanglement generation in noisy environment, including the development of meaningful models to separate noise interference and malicious attacks.
  2. Secret message transmission over quantum systems.
  3. Quantum system design, especially the inter-operation of the various resources that can be used to ensure high data rates and reliable communication.
  4. Study of new potential use cases that can be enabled by adding quantum communication resources to current communication systems.

The ideal candidate brings with him a deep interest in quantum information theory, as well as a good background in physics and/or mathematics. We welcome enthusiastic, creative, and curios applicants that enjoy the challenges and unpredictability of interdisciplinary research on the borderline between strict theory and concrete industrial implementation.

Applicants should contact Dr. Janis Nötzel at janis.noetzel@tum.de.

We encourage interested PhD candidates and Postdocs to contact us.