BMBF Joint Project IQuRe

Joint Project: IQuRe (Information Theory of the Quantum Repeater)
Subproject: "System Models and Multi-Way Communication Protocols for Quantum Repeaters

The joint project QuOReP (quantum optical repeater platforms) is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and coordinated by Dieter Meschede in Bonn.

The BMBF is providing a total of 13 million euros for four collaborative projects (as of December 2010).

In addition to

  • the QuOReP (quantum-optical repeater platforms), the
  • QuaHLRep (quantum semiconductor repeater platforms with 13 projects),
  • QUIMP (quantum interface between optical and microwave photons with three projects) and
  • IQuRe (information theory of the quantum repeater with two projects).

The aim is to develop a quantum repeater that enables the transmission of tap-proof messages over long distances.