Courses offered by the teaching unit LSR/ITR

Kick-off meetings of lab courses, seminars, Advanced Robotic Perception, and Selected Topics in Robotics

Students who did not get fixed places, please find information about the kick off meetings in TUMonline. It might still be possible to participate in the courses by manual assignment.

Exam review

Exam review will be electronically (Link at exam in TUMonline).


Changes in courses

The lecture "Computational Intelligence" is not offered in WS22/23. The lecture will probably be offered again in summer or next winter semester.
However, the exam will take place on March 2nd, 2023 at 11.30 am.
Interested student can prepare for the exam by registering themselves in the winter semester 21/22 course in Moodle. Please note that registration needs to be done in Moodle, not TUMonline.

The lectures "Intelligent Methods in Control" and "Artificial Intelligence in Robotics" are currently not offered.