The paper "HEGN: Hierarchical Equivariant Graph Neural Network for 9DoF Point Cloud Registration" authored by Adam Misik, Driton Salihu, Xin Su, Heike Brock, and Eckehard Steinbach has been selected as a finalist for the IEEE ICRA Best Paper Award in Robot Vision. At the same time, the paper has…

Die Ferienakademie 2024 in Zusammenarbeit zwischen der TUM, FAU und der Universitt Stuttgart bietet dieses Jahr einen Kurs mit dem Thema "Deep Learning in Image and Video Processing" https://www.lms.tf.fau.de/ferienakademie-2024/ Deadline für die Anmeldung ist der 01.05.2024

Herr Dr.-Ing. Andreas Noll wurde am 23. November 2023 mit dem renommierten VDE Award 2023 für seine herausragende Dissertation am LMT ausgezeichnet. Seine Arbeit trägt den Titel "Vibrotactile Communication: Signal Compression, Quality Assessment and Enhancement, Actuator Equalization."

Frau Dr.-Ing. Jingyi Xu wurde auf der Abschlussfeier der School for Computation, Information and Technology (CIT) am 10. November 2023 mit dem Walter-Gademann-Promotionspreis für Ihre Dissertation mit dem Titel „Modeling Nonplanar Frictional Surface Contacts for Robust Robot Grasping“ ausgezeichnet.

Prof. Chang Wen Chen from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University will hold a talk at LMT, Thursday, October 12 at 14:00 in Room 0406

Dr.-Ing. Christopher Kuhn receives the 2023 IEEE ITSS Best Dissertation Award - Second Prize from the IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society for his dissertation “Failure Prediction for Autonomous Systems".

Furkan Kaynar received the Antonio Picariello Best Student Opponent Award at the 24th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (ISM 2022)

The paper „Robust Depth Estimation in Foggy Environments Combining RGB Images and mmWave Radar“ co-authored by Mengchen Xiong, Xiao Xu, Dong Yang and Eckehard Steinbach, has received the Best Student Paper Award at the 25th IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia (IEEE ISM)

The paper „Bounding Box Disparity: 3D Metrics For Object Detection With Full Degree of Freedom“ co-authored by Michael Adam, Martin Piccolrovazzi, Sebastian Eger and Eckehard Steinbach, has received the Best Paper 1st Runner-Up Award at the 29th IEEE International Conference on Image Processing…

This talk is about usage of object-level augmentations on a light-weight neural network within an indoor-scale scene.