Design Methodology and Automation

Lecturer Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulf Schlichtmann
Amount 2 Lecture + 1 Tutotrial (+ 1 Lab), 2 weeks
Cycle autumn


The complexity in modern VLSI design forces the use of Electronic Design Automation in each design phase. This lecture presents fundamental concepts, techniques, and algorithms for the computer-aided design of integrated digital and analog circuits. Formal and compact descriptions of the key problems in design are accompanied by examples highlighting their solution. This concise and thorough analysis of principal design problems deepens the understanding of circuit design as such. The course covers topics like synthesis of digital circuits, Boolean Algebra, combinatorial optimization, multi-output functions and optimization, logic simulation, VHDL, and testing as well as design for test.

Additional Material

Handouts as well as a set of tutorials with solutions are given to each student. Additionally, electronic versions and slides from the lecture and tutorial are provided under

Online Practice

Please follow the link to practice cofactor, tautology, minimaziation, and something more.


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