Pof. James Gross: "Is URLLC dead?"

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On Wednesday January 10, 2023 Prof James Gross (KTH Stockholm, Sweden) gives a presentation in room 1977 on "Is URLLC dead?"

Title: Is URLLC dead?

Time: Wednesday 10.1.2024 at 10:30

Place: seminar room 1977

Speaker: Prof. Dr. James Gross (KTH Stockholm, Sweden)

Abstract:  Driven by the push towards cyber-physical systems, the last decade has seen a major interest in low latency as (rediscovered) KPI of networking infrastructures. 5G URLLC, TSN, OPC-UA as well as MEC are technological incarnations of this development. However, despite much expectation over the last decade, none of the aforementioned technologies see large-scale commercial success today. Especially 5G URLLC is commercially non-existent, raising the inevitable question: Is URLLC dead? In this talk we discuss several causes for the current state around URLLC, holding valuable lessons for the development towards 6G. While fundamentally cyber-physical systems remain highly attractive as new application class, 6G network infrastructures will have to become more integrated, predictable, and adaptive to enable CPS at scale. AI will play a central role in this direction.


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