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Large Scale Characterization of SRAM on Infineon XMC Microcontrollers as PUF

PUF datasets and auxiliary information for publication ID 43f781c9642c49e9d6c92dc724d3313261b7cff4:

Spatial Correlation Analysis on Physical Unclonable Functions

The source code for the PUF quality assessment suite (PQAS) used in this publication, which has the permanent ID b611a927a755bd61ec63c93b39888f1a225e0754, can be found in our gitlab.

Efficient Bound for Conditional Min-Entropy of Physical Unclonable Functions Beyond IID

For this publication with permanent ID 3b0bccc028d2b79fcd67c668263243ce13b6112d, MATLAB code for our grouping bound implementation can be found in our gitlab. The paper itself is available from