Student Theses

Current topics for Ingenieurpraxis (IP), Forschungspraxis (FP), Bachelor Thesis (BA), or Master Thesis (MA) are listed here. If you find a topic interesting, please reach out to the respective contact person.

Currently Available Theses

Title MA BA FP IP  
Fusion of Model Predictive Control and Reinforcement Learning for the Safe Exploration of Unknown Systems with Latent States (Robert Lefringhausen) [PDF] X   (X)    
Development of theory and algorithms for robotics, control, and learning (Jan Brüdigam) [PDF] X   X    
Physically Consistent Learning & Control of Lagrangian Systems with Dissipation (Giulio Evangelisti) [PDF] X X      
Learning Stable Human Motion Models using approximate Inverse Reinforcement Learning (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X   (X)  
Learning for control of wrist-hand movements based on Functional Electric Stimulation (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X (X) X  
Neuromechanical modeling for physical Human-Exoskeleton-Interaction (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X (X) X  
Learning and Control of Nonlinear Systems (Alexandre Capone) [PDF] X      
Gaussian Process based MPC for Autonomous Vehicles (Alexandre Capone) [PDF] X      
Information Measures for Data Selection in Gaussian Process Learning Control (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X X    
Gaussian Processes with Compactly Supported Kernels (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X X    
Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models for Motor Symptom Estimation in People with Parkinson's Disease (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X      
Data-driven linear prediction methods for nonlinear dynamical systems (Petar Bevanda) [PDF] X      
Simulation of physical Human-Exoskeleton-Interaction with soft contacts (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF]     X  
UV Härtekammer Entwurf: 3D Druckobjekte aus SLA-Resindruckern erfordern eine Nachhärtung unter UV-Licht. Ziel der Ingenieurspraxis ist der Entwurf einer Steuerung für die Härtekammer.  Sie wählen Komponenten für die Steuerung aus und implementieren ein Bedienungs- und Sicherheitskonzept, das Sie abschließend anhand von Testroutinen validieren und dokumentieren. (Christian Ott)       X
Robust control of autonomous micro container ship (Sandra Hirche, CargoKite) [PDF] X X