Student Theses

Current topics for Ingenieurpraxis (IP), Forschungspraxis (FP), Bachelor Thesis (BA), or Master Thesis (MA) are listed here. If you find a topic interesting, please reach out the respective contact person.

Currently Available Theses

Title MA BA FP IP  
Scenario-Based Model Predictive Control with Particle Gibbs for Functional Electrical Stimulation (Robert Lefringhausen) [PDF] X (X) X    
Learning Stable Human Motion Models using approximate Inverse Reinforcement Learning (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X   (X)  
Learning for control of wrist-hand movements based on Functional Electric Stimulation (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X (X) X  
Neuromechanical modeling for physical Human-Exoskeleton-Interaction (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF] X (X) X  
Learning and Control of Nonlinear Systems (Alexandre Capone) [PDF] X      
Gaussian Process based MPC for Autonomous Vehicles (Alexandre Capone) [PDF] X      
Information Measures for Data Selection in Gaussian Process Learning Control (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X X    
Gaussian Processes with Compactly Supported Kernels (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X X    
Gaussian Process Latent Variable Models for Motor Symptom Estimation in People with Parkinson's Disease (Armin Lederer) [PDF] X      
Human-Guidance for Multi-Robot Teams with Event-Triggered Communication (Pablo Dohmann) [PDF] X      
Data-driven linear prediction methods for nonlinear dynamical systems (Petar Bevanda) [PDF] X      
Information-constrained control of Euler-Lagrange systems (Vedad Causevic, Pablo Dohmann) [PDF] X      
Simulation of physical Human-Exoskeleton-Interaction with soft contacts (Samuel Tesfazgi) [PDF]     X  
UV Härtekammer Entwurf: 3D Druckobjekte aus SLA-Resindruckern erfordern eine Nachhärtung unter UV-Licht. Ziel der Ingenieurspraxis ist der Entwurf einer Steuerung für die Härtekammer.  Sie wählen Komponenten für die Steuerung aus und implementieren ein Bedienungs- und Sicherheitskonzept, das Sie abschließend anhand von Testroutinen validieren und dokumentieren. (Christian Ott)       X
Rubust control of autonomous micro container ship (Sandra Hirche, CargoKite) [PDF] X X