Networked Control

Emerging networked control systems such as robotics, smart energy grids, sensor networks, and autonomous vehicular systems are all characterized by multiple feedback control loops that are closed over a communication channel. The communication infrastructure is shared among those feedback control loops and potentially other applications. This poses novel challenges for the communication and control system design to support such coupled systems with stringent real-time requirements.

Networked Control Systems are inherently very complex to be analyzed due to, first, their large scale, and second because of couplings between local control loops resulting from either physical interconnections or shared communication medium. To take these challenges into account, there has been a shift of paradigm from classical centralized control to distributed control. The employment of distributed control in such systems is motivated by: splitting computational load between distributed entities, decreasing the amount of communication exchange,  information privacy, robustness against single point of failure, geographical distribution of computing resources and limited computational power of existing devices. Thus, our research focuses on developing novel concepts of distributed control for networked and cyber physical systems such that the real time requirements of both control systems and the communication system are satisfied.

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Current topics:

Optimal Information-constrained Control of Distributed Systems

Researcher: Vedad Causevic


The control systems are typically developed independently from the architecture of the underlying communication system. Also, current control systems’ design has not yet explored the possibility of in-network processing and active network components, since this is not yet a feature of today’s communication systems. In our research ''in-network control'' is a novel paradigm to be developed by pushing (parts of) the control as close to the sensors and actuators as possible, resulting in reduction of unnecessary unreliability and  time-delay within control loop.

Research questions

  • A novel framework for control partitioning on a given communication and computation infrastructure including appropriate analysis tools for performance evaluation
  • Characterization of communication infrastructures resulting in a nicely decomposable control task
  • Modeling of network infrastructure with active computational elements using graph theory


  • As we need to gain a fundamental understanding how the spatial delay and loss distribution among the links of the communication infrastructure affect the stability and other control performance , in our approach, it is assumed that a controller is partitioned into components which are implemented on the communication infrastructure, i.e. within the cloud, which is modeled by a delay and reliability graph.

Key results and achievements

  • A framework for power-constrained optimization based on information decomposition is developed
  • Algorithm for implementation of such controller within a cloud
  • Mapping of SDN (Software-defined networking) and in-network concepts to appropriate control problems

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