External theses

The chair can supervise external theses with a control-oriented topic.


In contrast to bachelor or master theses under direct supervision at ITR, theses supervised at companies or other facilities need to fulfill additional criteria. We can only accept topics covered by the research expertise at ITR. Current topics and directions of our research can be found on our homepage.

Furthermore, we can only accept topics with a scientific hypothesis / question to be answered. Pure implementation work is insufficient. The topic suggestions must clearly state which problems are to be solved by the student, which methods are planned to be used and what the open questions are. The overall task and subtasks to be solved need to be listed. Moreover, the topic suggestion needs to be embedded in the state-of-the-art. The current state-of-the-art should be summarised and supported by 2-3 literature references. The topic description needs to emphasise which innovations are expected from the work improving on the state-of-the-art.

Your inquiry

The administrative supervision is done by Dr. Sosnowski (sosnowski@tum.de ) for all external theses. Please contact him directly. Your inquiry should contain:

  • Name of the company or research institution
  • Contact data of your external supervisor
  • Planned date for starting your thesis
  • A topic description containing the following aspects
    • What is the scientific approach you want to take and on which methods is this based?
    • Please state the intended planned weighting of methodological research versus implementation for your thesis. A thesis is a scientific piece of work, based on the creation of new methods. An implementation is always only a second aspect and should help in the evaluation of the method.

Please note: Non-disclosure agreements or blocking notices can not be accepted. Bachelor and master theses are exam achievements finalised with a presentation open to a university-wide audience. The thesis is archived at ITR and can be accessed by university staff.

First steps after a positive answer

  1. Dr. Sosnowski collaborates with you on refining the topic description
  2. The topic description needs to be approved by Prof. Hirche.
  3. As soon as the description is approved, we would ask you to submit your thesis-admission form at our office. The registration of your thesis needs to take place before your planned starting date!

Only if all three steps are successful, the administrative supervision by ITR is ensured!