2020 NewCom Workshop - Munich

The Munich NewCom Workshop took place on February 3 and 4, 2020 at the Chair for Theoretical Information Technology (LTI):


Research team

  • TUM-LTI: Holger Boche, Ullrich Mönich, Moritz Wiese, Anna Frank, Rami Ezzine, Sebastian Baur
  • TUM-LNT: Christian Deppe, Diego Lentner, Mohammad Salariseddigh,
  • TUB-ITA: Rafael Schaefer, Muah Kim, Onur Günlü

Holger Boche, Ullrich Mönich


Monday, 03.02.2020

  • Welcome (TUM-LTl - Prof. Boche)
  • Short self-presentation of all participants (all)
  • Overview NewCom project (TUM-LTl - Prof. Boche)
  • Secure ldentification for Gaussian Channels (TUM-LNT - Dr. Deppe)
  • Detectability of Denial-of-Service Attacks (TUB-ITA - Prof. Schaefer)
  • Hardware Demonstrator / ACES Lab (TUM-LTl - Dr. Mönich)
  • Information Theoretical Limits of Stealth Communication (TUM-LNT - M.Sc. Diego Lentner)
  • Semantic Security and Modular Coding Schemes (TUM-LTl - Dr. Wiese)

Tuesday, 04.02.2020

  • ldentification Codes (TUM-LNT - M.Sc. Salariseddigh)
  • Discussion forum (all):
    - Post-Shannon communication tasks
    - Coding
    - Next steps for implementation
  • Parallel meetings in expert groups (all)
  • Steering board meeting / Parallel meetings in expert groups