NXP-Cup 2025

The NXP Cup is a student competition for autonomous driving. The aim is to build a car that drives a lap autonomously. While the track is built from the same shapes, the overall shape of the lap is unknown before the competition. A team of three students is formed.

The main tasks are as follows:

  •     Implement their own algorithm for autonomous driving based on camera data (the track is black and white so that the edges can be easily recognized)
  •     Improve the setup of the vehicle (a platform is already in place, but for a fast race, hardware improvements could be beneficial)
  •     Optimize your own code to get the best possible performance.

Do you want to participate in the NXP-Cup 2025? Write an Email to Michael Fink (michael.fink@tum.de)  for more details!

The competition is in spring, but you can start to work on the preparation for the challenge in summer and winter semester.

The qualifying competition will take place in April 2025 and the final competition in May 2025. The winner team of the final wins 3000 €.