Prof. Yuichi Kobayashi zu Gast am LSR

Prof. Yuichi Kobayashi ist Associate Professor an der Shizuoka University/Department of Mechanical Engineering. Er ist als Träger des Humboldt Stipendiums von August 2016 bis August 2017 zu Gast am LSR.


Im Folgenden seine Kurzbiografie:

April 1993: The University of Tokyo April

1995: The University of Tokyo, Department of Precision Engineering March

1999: Master degree of engineering at The University of Tokyo

Master thesis: State and Action Space Segmentation using Vision Information

March 2002: Doctor degree of engineering at The University of Tokyo

Doctor thesis: Function Approximation for Reinforcement Learning Using Autonomous-decentralized Algorithm

April 2002: Researcher at RIKEN Bio-mimetic Control Research Center

February 2007: Associate Professor at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

April 2012: Associate Professor at Shizuoka University


Yuichi Kobayashi has been conducting research in the field of robotics, especially learning of recognition and manipulation, hybrid system control framework and its application to robot Manipulation.

Zi. N2511, Tel. 23432