ITR/LSR Lecture Series Scientific Working

We offer a series of presentations in lecture style that allow that you acquire soft skills for scientific working. All lectures are open to all students that do projects at LSR and ITR.

They are in particular and strongly recommended for students that do their Project Lab (PP), Seminar, the course Advanced Nonlinear Control (ANC) or their Master's Thesis with us (see Target Audience in the following table).

No registration is required, though there will be an attendance list.




Target Audience

Brief Description


Scientific Presentation M. Leibold Seminar, PP, ANC, Master This lecture covers basic rules and guidelines on how to select contents for a presentation, how to present scientific results, how to create appealing slides and how to do an oral presentation. TUE 31.10. 11:30, N2408
Literature Research S. Kerz Seminar, ANC, Master Here you get recommendations on finding appropriate literature and on how to study it. THU 08.11. 11:30, 1400
Scientific Report S. Hirche Seminar, PP, ANC, Master This lecture covers guidelines for the complete process of writing a scientific publication. This covers questions of structure or style and also gives recommendations on content and the appropriate arrangement of contents. TUE 14.11. 13:15, S1533
Review, Rebuttal, Revision S. Hirche ANC In this last lecture, an introduction to writing a rebuttal is presented. The rebuttal is the answer to questions that you receive after your submitted publication was reviewed by peers. TUE 19.12. 13:15, S0525