Combined Smart Energy Systems (CoSES): Communication Technology

Duration: 2014 - now
Partners: EWK / ENN / ITR / ENS / MSW / CRES
Contact: Onur Ayan (
  Mikhail Vilgelm (


The Center for Combined Smart Energy Systems (CoSES) bundles the expertise of the TUM for research on energy systems. The aim is to develop viable concepts to integrate a large proportion of renewable and distributed energy sources into the existing energy system. The center pursued an integrated approach which not only considers electricity, but also heat, traffic and communication. The CoSES collaborates with partners from industry and other scientific institutions to jointly work on the research projects. The achieved results will not only be published in the scientific community but will be communicated to policy, industry and society. more...

Smart Grid and Machine-to-Machine Communications

In the framework of CoSES, a sub-project of designing the communication network for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) applications is initiated at the Chair of Communication Networks (SP3: Communication Technology). In this sub-project, we address the challenges posed by the M2M, with a particular focus on Smart Grid applications, in the novel design concepts for the next generation 5G communication networks. More specifically, we design the network concepts to enable the support of (1) massive number of M2M devices connecting to the networks; (2) diverse quality of service requirements of M2M applications; (3) strict reliability and latency requirements for critical M2M communication.

Planned Contributions

  • Communication technology assessment and performance evaluations for Smart Grid scenarios
  • Modeling, analysis and optimization of the network protocols supporting Smart Grid, with a focus of Medium Access Control (MAC) and especially contention-based (Random Access) protocols.
  • Cross-layer design of communication and underlying application processes, with detailed models of control related applications.

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