DFG Dependability of Softwarized Networks

Funding Agency: DFG
Duration: 3 years, 01.05.2021 - 30.04.2024
Contact: C. Mas Machuca (cmas@tum.de)
  W. Kellerer (wolfgang.kellerer@tum.de)
  H. Y. Özkan (yagiz.oezkan@tum.de)

Scope of Project

The objective of this project is to propose a dependability evaluation framework for softwarized networks. One challenge is to identify the new and more complex threats of softwarized networks, whose frequency and impact have been shown to be more harmful than well know threats. Another challenge is to propose new and more adequate metrics for a realistic dependability assessment.


  • Characterization of softwarized networks threats (including bugs, security threats, etc.).
  • Comparison of different models to assess known reliability and security metrics.
  • Proposal of new metrics mi more suitable to evaluate software dependability.
  • Definition of dependability metric(s) that will support the evaluation, assessment and comparison of the dependability for different software modules.
  • Dependability methodology and guidelines towards a reliable and secured softwarized network.


This work has received funding from the German Research Fundation (DFG) under grant numbers MA 6529/4-1 and KE 1863/10-1.