Johannes Zerwas Design and Evaluation of Demand- and Topology Reconfiguration-aware Networks 21.11.2023
Sai Kireet Patri Planning and Control of Disaggregated Quantum-Safe Optical Transport Networks 17.10.2023
Patrick Krämer Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Data-driven Algorithms for Networking 6.10.2023
Onur Ayan Control-Aware Wireless Resource Management for Networked Control Systems 17.07.2023
Nemanja Deric Quality-of-Service-Aware Virtualization of Programmable Networks 05.05.2023
Amir Varastehajipour Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Network Resource Allocation and Reconfiguration Algorithms 16.03.2023
Hasanin Harkous Performance Modeling, Optimization, and Applications for the Deployment of Programmable Packet Processors in Cloud Environments 15.12.2022
Arled Papa Design and Analysis of QoS and Network Slicing in Software-Defined Radio Access Networks 08.12.2022
Alberto Martinez Alba Optimal Selection and Adaptation of a Flexible Functional Split in 5G Radio Access Networks 21.03.2022
Samuele Zoppi Radio Resource Management of Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks for Networked Control Systems 17.06.2021
Ermin Sakic Analysis and Design of Distributed Control Plane Mechanisms in SDN-based Industrial Networks 13.01.2021
Mu He Management of Programmable Control and Data Plane Towards Flexible Softwarized Networks 24.11.2020
Amaury Van Bemten Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Mechanisms for Predictable Latency in Programmable Networks 04.11.2020
Raphael Durner Fine-grained Isolation and Filtering of Network traffic using SDN and NFV 22.09.2020
Murat Gürsu Delay-Constrained Reliable Uplink Radio Resource Management for Industrial Internet of Things 05.08.2020
Elena Grigoreva Strategic Network Planning for Converged Optical Network 29.05.2020
Dirk Gómez Depoorter Modelling and Evaluation of the Required Communication Performance of Air-Ground Data Links based on Erasure Codes 28.05.2020
Petra Vizarreta Paz Towards Data-driven Dependability Assurance for Softwarized Industrial Networks 09.10.2019
Christian Sieber Design and Performance Modeling of an Application-Aware Network Abstraction Layer for Partially Deployed SDNs 07.05.2019
Mikhail Vilgelm Random Access Protocols for Massive and Reliable Machine-to-Machine Communications 12.04.2019
Thomas Szyrkowiec Virtualization and Software-Defined Control of Multilayer Flexible Optical Networks 20.12.2018
Markus Klügel Operation and Control of Device-to-Device Communication in Cellular Networks 07.12.2018
Jochen Guck Centralized Online Routing for Deterministic Quality of Service in Packet Switched Network 08.06.2018
Andreas Blenk Towards Virtualization of Software-Defined Networks: Analysis, Modeling and Optimization 02.03.2018
Arsany Basta Modeling and Analysis of Software Defined Virtual Mobile Core Networks 04.07.2017
Design and Evaluation of Protocols for the In-Car Power Line Communication 02.06.2016