Mannheim CeCaS is a supra-regional research project funded by the BMBF to develop a "Central Car Server" for future automated, connected and electrified vehicles. The project network consists of numerous industrial partners, accompanied by several academic research groups.

Overarching Objective: Automotive Supercomputing Platform - powerful Central Car Server concept based on new automotive qualified high performance processors, in FinFET supported by application specific accelerators and adaptive automotive SW stack for highly automated connected vehicles.

At the Technical University of Munich, three chairs (TUM-AIR, TUM-LIS, TUM-SEC) are involved in the CeCaS project network, contributing in the areas of model-based development, requirements management, software architecture, memory technology, and security.


Contribution of LIS

TUM-LIS is developing approaches for intelligent pre-fetching and write-back of data by the memory controller to increase the performance of the automotive processor. In addition, a prediction model for future addresses and data accesses is being investigated using machine learning methods such as reinforcement learning.

The current approach provides a wrapper layer around the DDR controller that realizes this functionality. It reduces the access latencies to external volatile and non-volatile main memories via adaptive prefetching of data and instructions in fast on-chip SRAM memories and by intelligent write-back of modified data located in the SRAM memory to the external main memory.

In the work on the wrapper layer we cooperate with TUM-SEC who investigate suitable lightweight techniques for transparent on-the-fly en-/de-cryption of data stored on external memory to prevent unauthorized access as well as error correction codes.

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