Topics in Machine Intelligence Research
Dozent: Klaus Diepold + wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter
Assistent: Thomas Volk/Alice Hein
Zielgruppe: Studierende im MScEI und MSCE
Umfang: (SWS 2+2/0/0)
Turnus: Sommersemester
Anmeldung: keine Anmeldung erforderlich
Zeit & Ort: Freitags, 15:00-16:30, Seminarraum 0999
Beginn: Sorry, no lecture in 2022!


The course consists of a sequence of presentations held by research assistants of the institute, which cover the ongoing research work at the LDV. The research assistants explain their research projects for students and interested researchers. The course may serve as an orientation for students at the masters level if they are about to choose a topic for their master thesis, it may also serve to inform the students about the international research level concerning the respective topics.


03.04. Course Introduction (T. Volk)

20.04. 3-D Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality (T. Volk)

27.04. Reinforcement Learning and Artificial Intelligence (M. Knopp)

04.05. Predicting the Emotional Impact of Movie Scenes (P. Paukner)

11.05. No lecture! 18.05. Autonomous Driving (S. Held / ITK )

25.05. Deep Learning - Is the Hype Justified? (C. Bayer / Continental)

01.06. No lecture! 08.06. Creative Machines (S. Röhrl)

15.06. Trust Between Autonomous Systems (M. Moosmeier)

22.06. Linearizing Visual Processes with Convolutional Variational Autoencoders (A. Sagel)

29.06. Digital Fabrication- How Algorithmic Design Transforms the Way we Build Objects (L. Kayser / Hyperganic)

06.07. A Gauss-Newton Algorithm for Deep Reinforcement Learning (M. Gottwald)

13.07. No lecture!