Aeronautical 5G Communication for Flexible Integrated and Versatile Aircraft Cabin Applications based on a Bavarian Excellence Cluster

Funding Agency: IuK Bayern
Duration: 01.03.2019-30.11.2021
Partners: TUM-LKN, aeroLiFi, Cadami, TriaGnoSys
Contact: H. Vijayaraghavan (
  W. Kellerer (

Scope of the project

The key strategic objective of this project is to pioneer an integrated RF-LiFi communications and data infrastructure for the diverse passenger and aircraft systems and applications to provide a sustainable platform and outlook for mobile connectivity in aeronautical transport platforms in the next decade and beyond.

Scientific/Technical Solutions

  • System design based on the 5G paradigms of SDN and network programmability/softwarisation
  • Optimised control of communication flows and system resources
  • Search for efficient data paths in SDN programmable 5G networks
  • Distributed (Edge) Caching and efficient and resilient multicasting

Contribution from LKN

Adaptive resource management 

  • Design of architecture and algorithms for SDN based Resource management for LiFi/WiFi communications in the cabin
  • Extension of the algorithms in terms of adaptivity, learning and data oriented optimisation
  • Simulative Evaluation
  • Prototype realisation for integration into the overall architecture


This work was supported by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy as part of the project "aero5FIVE" (grant ID: IUK608/002).