Research at the Chair of Communication Networks

This pages gives an overview over our current research areas and ongoing research projects. For details on each project, please follow the respective link by simply clicking on the project acronym below or at the left side bar.

Research Videos

The PhD students at LKN are proud to present their research topics in short videos to the public. All videos are available on the LKN YouTube Channel "LKN TUM". For the playlist go to

Research Areas

Flexible, dynamic and resource-efficient networking

  • Flexible networking and services based on Software Defined Networking and Network (Function) Virtualization
  • Autonomous network management and security
  • Network hypervisor design
  • Optimization and measurement

6G mobile networks

  • MAC design and resource management for reliable, low latency communications
  • Software-defined RAN and core
  • End-to-end slicing and QoS guarantees
  • Cyber Physical Networking

Resilient network design and planning & techno economic analysis

  • Guaranteed availability for critical infrastructures
  • Industrial communication
  • Optimized planning for converged access networks
  • Minimizing TCO for emerging 5G application scenarios