RECODIS: Resilient Communication Services Protecting End-user Applications from Disaster-based Failures

Duration: 3 years, 01.05.2016-30.04.2020
Partners: Large number of partners from many different countries (please refer to the project webpage)
Contact: Petra Stojsavljevic-Vizarreta (
  Elena Grigoreva (
  Carmen Mas Machuca (

Scope of Project

Disaster-based failures can seriously disrupt a communication network, making its services unavailable. Such disruptions may follow from natural disasters, technology-related failures, or malicious attacks, and they are observably increasing in number, intensity and scale. The problem needs to be urgently addressed due to the lack of suitable mechanisms deployed in current networks. When network services that are part of a critical infrastructure become unavailable, commercial and/or societal problems are the inevitable result. This COST Action, driven by researchers from academia and industry in strong cooperation with governmental bodies, aims to fill the gap by developing appropriate solutions to provide resilient communications in the presence of disaster-based disruptions of all types for existing and future communication network architectures.

Planned Contributions

  • WG2: Weather-based disruptions: We plan to consider models and measures of wireless link availability for different wireless technologies in order to take it into account in converged access network planning.
  • WG3: Technology-related disasters: We are leading this WG. Our contribution is mainly looking into the failure modelling of SDN controllers in order to have a realistic model of the SDN control plane and be able to design efficient reliable control plane design (e.g., number and placement of controllers).
  • WG4: Malicious human activities: We are working on reliability measurements on networks, not only taking into account topology but also routing into account.