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Marius Lambacher receives Walter-Gademann Award for his Master Thesis at AIP

Marius Lambacher received the prestigous Walter-Gademann Award for his excellent Master Thesis "Low-Latency MIMO Loudspeaker-Room Compensation for…

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New article in JASA: Sound field synthesis for psychoacoustic research: In situ evaluation of auralized sound pressure level

New article presents accuracy measurements of sound field synthesis over a wide spatial area

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Fast processing models effects of reflections on binaural unmasking

New auditory model using fast processing of binaural cues explains spatial unmasking by sound reflections

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Seminar monday, 23 January 2023, 14:15, N0507 & Zoom

Seminar by Prof. Nicola Prodi (Università di Ferrara) "How the type of sound reflections in rooms affects the spatial appraisal of a speech source…

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Key AIP journal publications of 2022

Key AIP journal publications of 2022: (1) Advanced new model for the temporal response of the electrically stimulated auditory nerve for cochlear…

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CRC 1330 workshop: Virtual reality in Hearing Research and Audiology, 12 – 15 June 2022

The CRC 1330 workshop "Virtual reality in Hearing Research and Audiology" will take place 12 – 15 June 2022 on Frauenchiemsee and is organized by B.…

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CRC 1330 HAPPAA receives another 4 years of funding

The CRC 1330 HAPPAA and our project "Assessment of auditory function and abilities in life-like listening scenarios" receive four more years of…

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Audiovisual scenes demonstrated in the real-time Simulated Open Field Environment (rtSOFE)

Interactive demonstration of the Underground and Pub audiovisual scenes in the real-time Simulated Open Field Environment (rtSOFE) at AIP TUM…

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New Database of acoustic and psychoacoustic stimuli published in new AIP Zenodo community

A new database with a range of common acoustic and psychoacoustic stimuli was published in the new data outlet of AIP on Zenodo.

TEDxTUM Adventure on World Hearing Day: "Discover your sound", 3 March @7pm