Project Lab Course in Audio Information Processing

Lecturer: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Bernhard U. Seeber
AIP supervisor: the whole AIP team
Turnus: Summer semester and winter semester
Target group: Vertiefendes Wahlmodul MSEI and MSCE
Breadth: 0/0/5 (Lecture/Exercise course/Practical training)
Exam: Project: 40%, written report 40%, 15-min presentation and 5-min questions (20%)
Start: Start on 10/16/2023, Room N0116


The Professorship for Audio Information Processing works on a range of topics from which project topics will be given that are related to current research:

  • Virtual acoustics and virtual reality
  • Room acoustic simulations
  • Hearing aid algorithms
  • Cochlear Implants (Neuro prostheses) and their algorithms
  • Models of auditory processing, also neuronal models
  • (Binaural) psychoacoustics and listening tests
  • Applications in sound quality and non-destructive acoustic testing

Practical exercises and tutorials will be given by lab supervisors. Throughout the project, discussions will take place about issues and ideas on the basis of the given problem and literature. Project work as a teaching method enables students to apply their acquired knowledge on realistic and practical challenges in audio information processing.

The final grade is computed as follows:

  • Ability to solve problems of the semester project: regular talks with advisor (40%)
  • Written report of project results (40%)
  • 15-min presentation and 5-min questions (20%)


  • Fundamentals of system theory and audio signal processing
  • Fundamentals of acoustics and psychoacoustics
  • Fundamentals of computer science, Matlab and C++


The registration can be done via TUMOnline.