PhD Theses

  • Gomez, Gabriel: Consolidating natural spatial perception and improved SNR in hearing aids: Jackrabbit, a new method. Dissertation, 2019 more… Full text (mediaTUM)

Horne, Colin: A phenomenological model of the neural response to pulsatile electrical stimulation: a novel
     approach and theoretical considerations. PhD thesis, 2016 [mehr...]

Wiggins, Ian: Effects of dynamic-range compression in spatial hearing. PhD thesis, 2013 [mehr...]

McCartney, Damon: Development of the AnimalSeek Method to Measure the Localization Ability of Children
     under Five. PhD thesis, 2013 [mehr...]

Monaghan, Jessica:  The use of interaural time difference cues in sound envelopes: limitations and
     enhancement. PhD thesis, 2012