William Wulff, M.Sc.

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter

Technische Universität München
TUM School of Computation, Information and Technology
Lehrstuhl für Integrierte Systeme
Arcisstr. 21
80290 München

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Gebäude: N1 (Theresienstr. 90)
Raum: N2139
Email: william.wulff@tum.de

Curriculum Vitae

  • 2023 - Now: PhD, LIS
  • 2021 - 2023: MSc. Eng. in Computer Science and Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
    • Focus: Integrated circuits (VLSI, analog CMOS),
  • 2017 - 2021: BEng. in Computer Engineering, Technical University of Denmark
    • Spring 2020: Internship at CERN
    • Focus: Embedded Systems and Compilers


My area of focus is resilient networking, where I am exploring methods of employing NIC-level hardware to increase performance and reliability. Techniques such as network coding or state replication can offer highly reliable communication, but are computationally expensive and rapidly becoming unfeasible with the advent of 100G and 400G networking. By instead offloading resilience functions to hardware, it becomes possible to have robust and fault-tolerant networks with low latency and without sacrificing throughput. However, the hardware should also as far as possible comply with the software-defined networking approach, in order to ease integration and adapt to future developments.

Areas I am investigating include P4, application specific processors, and SmartNIC system level design.