Statistical Signal Processing

Lecturer: Wolfgang UtschickDominik Semmler

Target Audience: Master EI and MSCE

Language: English

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Lectures/Tutorials in Summer Semester 2024

Monday 11:30 – 13:00 N1190 
Wednesday 15:00 – 16:30 N1189
First lecture: Monday, 2024-04-15


Probability and stochastic processes: fundamentals revisited

Parameter estimation: statistical modeling, maximum likelihood estimation, Bayesian estimation, asymptotic optimality

Minimum mean squared error estimation: conditional mean estimation and MMSE, linear MMSE estimation, orthogonality principle, Wiener filtering

Recursive estimation of stochastic processes: Kalman filtering, particle filtering

Hypotheses testing: statistical model, Neyman-Pearson test, maximum-likelihood test, maximum-a-posteriori test, Bayesian test, risk functionals, sufficient statistics, asymptotic optimality

Selected topics and applications: confindence analysis, kernel methods, neural networks, etc.