List of all Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses finished at MSV

Research Internship – Kai Jie CHAN – 30/11/2023
Channel Prediction based on Gaussian Mixture Models

Master Thesis – Simon WALLNER – 23/11/2023
Quantitative Evaluation Methods for Generative Models in Wireless Communications.

Master Thesis – Oguzhan ZENGIN – 20/11/2023
Parameter Evaluation and Generation of Training Data Sets for AI/ML-Enhanced Wireless Beam Management

Bachelor Thesis – Bassem TRIFA – 15/11/2023
GNN Precoding for MU-MISO Systems

Research Internship – Kanchithota NARENDRA – 13/11/2023
Machine Learning Aided Gradient Descent for Parameter Estimation

Research Internship – Hanyi ZHANG – 25/10/2023
Introduction to Diffusion Models with Some Examples

Research Internship – Moritz SCHNEIDER – 23/10/2023
Model Order Selection and Direction of Arrival Estimation

Master Thesis – Florian STRASSER  – 19/10/2023
Leveraging Diffusion Models for Channel Estimation


Master Thesis – Markus Haldmaier  – 09/10/2023
Low Range Object Simulation for FMCW Radars

Master Thesis – Matthias FASTUS  – 09/10/2023
Performance Comparison of Two-Dimensional Direction of Arrival Algorithms

Bachelor Thesis – Ahmed Aziz JOUILI – 06/10/2023
Diffusion Models for Channel Generation

Research Internship – Jianqing LI – 18/09/2023
Enabling Robust Precoding in Limited Feedback FDD Systems with a Conditional VAE

Master Thesis – Marc BJELKANOVIC – 19/07/2023
Precoding in RIS-Aided MIMO Systems Based on Imperfect CSI

Research Internship – Amar KASIBOVIC – 28/06/2023
Ambient Aware Channel Estimation with a Conditional VAE

Master Thesis – Yasin CIRITCI – 12/06/2023
Semi-Supervised Domain Adaptation for Deep Learning Signal Detection in the High Frequency Range

Research Internship – Kun WANG – 26/05/2023
Adaptive Subarray Sampling using Inpainting for the Receive Covariance Matrix

Bachelor Thesis – Raphael BETT – 24/04/2023
Deep Unrolling of Maximum Likelihood Refinement for Direction of Arrival Estimation

Research Internship – Yatish PACHIGOLLA– 09/03/2023
Statistical Precoding for FDD Massive MIMO Systems


Master Thesis – Jihen BOUZID – 10/02/2023
Excitation of Squeezed States in a Transmission Line by a Josephson Degenerate Parametric Amplifier

Bachelor Thesis – Oliver MECHLING – 02/02/2023
Quantum Radar with Three Mode Gaussian States

Master Thesis – Sadaf SYED – 27/01/2023
Joint Optimisation of the Transmit Filters and the Phase Shifts of the Intelligent Reflecting Surface using the Statistical Channel Knowledge

Master Thesis – Leo PINTARIC – 19/01/2023
Feature Validation using Self-Supervised Learning Representations

Master Thesis – Liang CHEN– 17/01/2023
Robustifying Machine Learning-based Automated Driving Functions against Distributional Shifts

Research Internship – Yin LI – 07/12/2022
Quantitative Evaluation of GMMs as a Generative Model for CSI Generation

Bachelor Thesis – Andreas FAIKA – 23/11/2022
Channel Estimation in RIS-Assisted Systems with Reduced Phase Allocations

Master Thesis – Evagoras STYLIANO – 11/11/2022
Channel Equalization based on Gaussian Mixture Models

Master Thesis – Tim HÜLDER – 26/10/2022
Disentanglement for Signal Analysis

Research Internship – Jinghan ZHANG – 21/10/2022
Centralized Optimization of Pilots for Downlink Channel Estimation in FDD Systems Using Site-Specific Uplink Data


Master Thesis – Yinan FENG – 17/10/2022
Defending Adversarial Attacks in Time-Series Classification Tasks

Research Internship – Marc BJELKANOVIC – 28/09/2022
Rate Splitting Bilinear Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis – Kathrin KLEIN – 14/09/2022
Discovering Motifs and Discords in Multivariate Time-series Data

Bachelor Thesis – Fares BEN JAZIA – 01/08/2022
Analyzing Deep Learning Approaches for Successive Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Systems with Subarray Sampling

Bachelor Thesis – EISEN MAH SHI YAO & LOW WEI SONG – 13/07/2022
Time-Series Forecasting Methods

Master Thesis –  Benedikt Böck – 30/06/2022
Learning the Distribution of Wireless Channels along Trajectories Using Structured Variational Autoencoders

Master Thesis – Vignesh NAGAMIUTHU – 27/06/2022
LISA Precoding to Maximise Sum Rate for Systems with Intelligent Reflective Surfaces

Bachelor Thesis –  Moritz GRUNDEI – 14/06/2022
Evaluation of Gaussian Mixture Model Based Channel Estimators Using Measurement Data

Research Internship –  Guang CHAI – 14/06/2022
Channel Prediction based on Neural Networks for Quantized and Unquantized Systems

Master Thesis –  Patrick PÖPPEL – 19/05/2022
Classifying Pilot Observations directly to Feedback Indices in MIMO Communications


Research Internship –  Joshua FUNK – 19/05/2022
Hybrid Time of Arrival/Angle of Arrival Localization of Base Stations with a Mobile Networking Testing Scanner

Bachelor Thesis –  Daniel BARTA – 04/04/2022
One-Bit Quantized Channel Estimation with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks

Master Thesis –  Xinyang LI – 23/03/2022
Dictionary Design via Normalizing Flows

Research Internship – Sadaf Syed – 14/03/2022
Channel Estimation with Generative Adversarial Nets

Bachelor Thesis – Tobias DOLL – 14/03/2022
Quantum Radar Protocols for Detection and Ranging Based on Hypothesis Testing

Bachelor Thesis – Nicolas ALVAREZ – 07/03/2022
Comparison of Spatial and Ray Tracing Wireless Channel Data with a Variational Autoencoder

Research Internship – Liang CHEN – 11/02/2022
Methods for out-of-Distribution Detection and Domain Adaptation in the Presence of Distributional Shifts

Master Thesis – Reinhard WIESMAYR – 10/01/2022
Distributed Direct Optimization of IRS Parameters

Master Thesis – Marwa SAI – 29/11/2021
Concept of a Plane Wave Synthesizer for Cost-Efficient Characterization of 5G Base Stations

Master Thesis – Dominik SEMMLER – 26/11/2021 
Zero-Forcing Strategies for Systems with Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces


Bachelor Thesis – Alba DERVISHI – 26/11/2021
Optimization of Discrete Phase Shifts for Intelligent Reflective Systems

Master Thesis  – Vlad ANDREI – 26/11/2021
Deep Generative Models for the Radio Channel: Learning Discrete and Continuous Latent Structure

Research Internship – Vignesh NAGAMUTHU – 26/10/2021 
Disentanglement for Signal Integrity/Signal Analysis

Engineering Internship – Moritz GRUNDEI – 11/10/2021 
Domain Shift-Problem zwischen Verschiedenen Datensätzen

Master Thesis  – Vlad DUMITRESCU – 29/09/2021
Rate Splitting for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Systems

Bachelor Thesis – Richard LITZKA – 22/09/2021
Machine Learning Algorithms for Time Series Classification

Bachelor Thesis – Lukas Hochschwarzer – 22/09/2021
LISA Precoding for Multi-User Systems with Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces

Master Thesis – Hangze GAO – 22/09/2021
Channel Estimation for Intelligent Reflecting Surface Systems

Bachelor Thesis – Hanyi ZHANG – 10/09/2021
Low Complexity Feedback for Unbalanced MIMO Channels in FDD Systems

Master Thesis – Julia SISTERMANNS – 23/07/2021
Generative Modeling of Blood Cell Images


Research Internship – Anja PILZ – 16/07/2021
Stochastic Separation Theorems and Function Corrector Models

Bachelor Thesis – Zhong Zheng LIM – 07/07/2021
Intelligent Reflective Surface

Research Internship – Xinyang LI – 24/06/2021
Validation of Machine Learning Modules by investigating Distributional Shifts

Bachelor Thesis – Chan Jia SHENG – 27/05/2021
Comparison of Classical and Learning-Based Channel Estimation Techniques

Master Thesis – Michael LEIPOLD – 20/05/2021
Channel Estimation from Compressed Measurements using Generative Models

Research Internship – Constantin RUNGE – 10/05/2021
Learning MMSE Multiantenna Channel Estimation From Partial Observations

Bachelor Thesis – Yalun ZHANG – 27/04/2021
Autoencoding Time Series Signals

Bachelor Thesis – Veronika STELLWAG – 23/04/2021
Deterministic Obstacle Detection Using Time-of-Flight Data

Master Thesis – Fabian KONSTANTINIDIS – 09/04/2021
Reinforcement Learning for Predicting Vehicle Trajectories

Master Thesis – Franz WEISSER – 08/04/2021
Generative-AI Methods for Channel Impulse Response Generation


Research Internship – Vlad DUMITRESCU – 30/03/2021
Deep Learning Methods for Synthetic Aperture Radar

Research Internship – Dominik SEMMLER – 19/03/2021
Bilinear Precoding in a Multi-Cell Scenario

Research Internship – Reinhard WIESMAYR – 15/03/2021
A Decentralized Automated Intralogistics Platform with Optimized Task Scheduling

Research Internship – Simon MITTERMAIER – 15/03/2021
An Adaptive Threshold for Burst Detection in TDMA-based Satellite Communication

Bachelor Thesis – Islam BEN SHABAN – 22/02/2021
Unschärferelationen in der Quantenmechanik und im Radar

Research Internship – Florian WEBER – 08/02/2021
Parameterization and Improvement of Beam Peak Search Algorithm

Master Thesis – Anastasios FOLIADIS – 29/01/2021
Multipath-Based Positioning and Tracking, Exploiting Doppler Shift Measurements

Master Thesis – Christoph KAULICH – 20/01/2021
Linear Precoding for Weighted Sum Rate Maximization using Rate Splitting in a MIMO Broadcast Channel

Master Thesis – Philipp JOPPICH – 15/01/2021
Bayesian Inference with Neural Networks

Bachelor Thesis – Jonas MAAS – 11/12/2020
Invertible Neural Networks for MIMO Detection


Master Thesis – Michael BAUR – 19/11/2020
Joint Detection and Analysis of Cells Based On Machine Learning and Compressive Sensing

Bachelor Thesis – Ricky OOI – 29/09/2020
Clustering Channel State Information in MIMO Systems

Research Internship – Hangze GAO – 25/09/2020
Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces Supporting Downlink Transmission

Bachelor Thesis – Florian STRASSER – 18/09/2020
Linear Precoding for Downlink Transmission in FDD Multicell Massive MIMO Systems

Master Thesis – Karthik SUKUMAR – 07/09/2020
Experimental Evaluation of Machine Learning based Wireless Communication Algorithms

Bachelor Thesis – Maximilian BINDER – 07/09/2020
Reconstructing and Classifying Highway Pilot Driving Maneuvers using Autoencoders

Bachelor Thesis – Nadia MASMOUDI – 07/09/2020
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Electromagnetic Sources using Deep Neural Networks

Master Thesis – Chenxi ZOU – 24/08/2020
Analysis of an Adaptive Kernel Width Learning Algorithm with Sparse Bayesian Learning Methods for Robotic Exploration

Master Thesis – Benedikt FESL – 21/07/2020
Aspects of Machine Learning in Low-Complexity Channel Estimation including One-Bit Quantization

Research Internship – Marwa Sai – 17/07/2020
Measurement Uncertainty Assessment for Novel Approach of Wireless Coexistence Testing


Research Internship - Vlad ANDREI - 03/07/2020
Geometry of Deep Generative Models

Research Internship - Patrick PÖPPEL - 27/05/2020
Evaluating the OMP algorithm for Compressive MIMO Channel Estimation

Master Thesis - Michael WÜRTH - 13/05/2020
Learning CSI Clustering using Deep Variational Autoencoding

Master Thesis -  Tianpeng BU - 30/04/2020
Normalizing Flows for Variate-length Time Series Modeling and Progressive Training of Flow-base Models

Research Internship - Jonas RUCHTI - 15/04/2020
Optimization of Scalar Widely Linear Receive Filters

Research Internship - Manish MARUTHI - 07/04/2020
Velocity Based Dynamic Model for Kalman Filter in Vehicle Navigation

Bachelor Thesis - Marc BJELKANOVIC - 07/04/2020
MMSE vs Bilinear Precoding in FDD Multicell Massive MIMO Systems Based on Imperfect Covariance Matrices

Research Internship - Michael BAUR - 04/03/2020
Cell Analysis Using Compressive Sensing

Master Thesis - Konstantin BRAUN - 10/03/2020
Classical and Machine Learning Based Methods for Localization by Electromagnetic Fingerprints

Master Thesis - Ilhem BRAYEK - 24/01/2020
Learning the CSI across the Frequency Division Gap


Master Thesis - Wang JIAJUN - 13/01/2020
Rate Balancing for Massive MIMO Systems Based on Estimated Covariance Matrices

Research Internship - Alexander SCHMAUS - 20/12/2019
Non-Requirement Based Testing with Reinforcement Learning in the Safeguarding Process of Automotive Software

Research Internship - Tobit KLUG - 20/12/2019
Unsupervised Separation of Signal Distortion Types using Variational Autoencoders

Master Thesis - Aya BEN SALHA - 20/12/2019
Channel Estimation with 1-Bit Quantization Using a Machine Learning Approach

Bachelor Thesis - Muhammed Hassanul Hadi BIN ABDUL HAMID - 17/12/2019
Channel Estimation and Hybrid Precoding for mmWave Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Yulong GUAN - 17/12/2019
A Neural Network Approach to CSI Recovery Based on Noisy LS Measurements

Master Thesis - Nurettin TURAN - 12/12/2019
Learning the MMSE Channel Predictor

Research Internship - Benedikt FESL- 12/12/2019
Information Bottleneck Receiver Design without Coding Research Internship

Research Internship - Karthik SUKUMAR - 20/11/2019
Test Bed Platform for Channel Estimation using Radar Sensors

Master Thesis - Nicholas GAY - 19/11/2019
A Machine Learning Approach to Direction of Arrival Estimation


Bachelor Thesis - Yushu YANG - 17/10/2019
Globally Optimal Partial Decode-and-Forward Rate in the MIMO Relay Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Michael LEYRER - 15/10/2019
Simulation-Based Robust Design of an Automatic Emergency Braking System Considering Sensor Measurement Errors

Master Thesis - Marta NAVARRO CAUDEVILLA - 30/09/2019
Channel Estimation for mmWave Communications

Research Internship - Florian ULLMANN - 05/08/2019
Glätten bei Anwendungen des Subgradientenverfahrens

Master Thesis - Donia BEN AMOR - 05/08/2019
Bilinear Precoding for FDD Massive MIMO Systems Based on Imperfect Covariance Matrices

Research Internship - Konstantin BRAUN - 05/08/2019
Python Implementation of the Neural Network Based MMSE Channel Estimator

Master Thesis - Kuan Fu LIN - 01/08/2019
Robust Design of an Automatic Emergency Steering System Considering Sensor Measurement Errors

Bachelor Thesis - Johannes KUNZ - 01/08/2019
A Performance Analysis of Grid-Based DoA Estimators

Bachelor Thesis - Vlad ANDREI - 15/07/2019
Representation Learning for Synthetic Aperture Radar Observations: A Generative Model Based Approach

Bachelor Thesis - Reinhard WIESMAYR - 15/07/2019
Model Order Estimation with Machine Learning in DoA Estimation Scenarios


Bachelor Thesis - Dominik SEMMLER - 15/07/2019
A Bilinear Precoder for Massive MIMO Systems

Master Thesis - Diego Rodolfo VARGAS ROMERO - 17/06/2019
Rate Balancing in Cellular Full Duplex MIMO Networks

Master Thesis - Aymen DEHMANI - 29/05/2019
Complexity Adjustment of Turbo Equalization for Different Channel Variation Speeds

Research Internship - Nikolas KIRCHHOFF - 09/05/2019 
Sound Source Localization in 3D

Bachelor Thesis - Vignesh NAGAMUTHU - 27/03/2019
Localization of RFID Tags Using DOA Estimation Techniques

Master Thesis - Firas DRISS - 27/03/2019
Neural Network based Parameter Estimation for Satellite Signal Processing

Bachelor Thesis - Sebastian GILCH - 06/03/2019
Model-Aware Compressive Sensing and Neural Network Denoising

Master Thesis - Ferhad ASKERBEYLI - 30/11/2018
Time Sharing versus Improper Signaling in Multi-Antenna Interference Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Cansu SANCAKTAR - 02/11/2018
Long Short-Term Memory Networks as Adaptive Filters

Bachelor Thesis - Johannes MADL - 31/10/2018
Iterative Updates of Projectors for Parameter Estimation using Model-Aware Sparse Recovery in MIMO Radar Systems


Master Thesis - Habib SELLAMI - 25/10/2018
Analysis of the Frequency-Selective Power Meter R&S®NRQ6 with Respect to the Noise Content of Power Measurements and the Coherence of Phase Measurements for a Radio Direction-Finding System

Master Thesis - Daniel KÜLZER - 06/09/2018
The Feasibility of an Over-The-Air Spatial Channel Emulation for 5G Performance Testing

Master Thesis - Christoph SOMMERAUER - 28/08/2018
User Selection in In-Band Full-Duplex Systems

Master Thesis - Michael KNÖDLSEDER - 27/08/2018
Neural Networks for Channel Estimation from Compressed Measurements

Research Internship - Aymen DEHMANI - 27/08/2018
Evaluation of Neural-Network-Based Channel Estimators Using Measurement Data

Bachelor Thesis - Franz WEISSER - 24/07/2018
The MIMO Broadcast Channel with Widely Linear Transceivers at High SNR

Research Internship - Peter LIN - 03/07/2018
FDD Massive MIMO Precoder Design

Bachelor Thesis - Julia SISTERMANNS - 29/06/2018
Feature- and Structure-Preserving Network Reduction for Large-Scale Power Transmission Grids

Research Internship - Yangyang HE - 27/06/2018
N-1 Secure Operation with the Hybrid AC/DC Transmission Grid Architecture

Research Internship - Donia BEN AMOR - 15/05/2018
Hybrid Precoding for mm-Wave Systems  


Bachelor Thesis - Patrick GEST - 14/05/2018
Rate Optimization in the MIMO Relay Channel Using Results from the MIMO Wiretap Channel

Master Thesis - Jianyu ZHAO - 02/05/2018
Machine Learning Techniques for Gass Sensor Arrays 

Master Thesis - Andreas NOLL - 21/12/2017
Derivation of the Energy Decay Rate in Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Selected Classes of Filters

Master Thesis - Johannes PICKART - 12/12/2017
Distributed Optimization of Interference Shapes for Rate Maximization in Cellular Full-Duplex Networks

Master Thesis - Ammad HASSAN - 08/12/2017
Transmit Path Model of a Cellular Transceiver

Master Thesis - Markus REIL - 08/12/2017
Simulation and Verification of OTA LTE MIMO Receiver Performance Measurements in an Anechoic Environment

Bachelor Thesis - Tim TWARDZIK - 07/12/2017
Vergleich und Optimierung der Stabilität des zeitlichen Antwortverhaltens unterschiedlicher Empfängerkonzepte für ein funkbasiertes Abstandsmesssystem

Interdisciplinary Project - Hendrik LEPPELSACK and Benedikt JAEGER - 01/12/2017
TUMexam - Development of a Browser based User-Interface for Digital Administration of Exams

Bachelor Thesis - Christoph KAULICH - 09/11/2017
Linear Precoding for Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in DSL Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Benedikt WIESEND - 03/11/2017
Autonome Spektrumanalyse zur Erkennung verschiedener Standards


Bachelor Thesis - Simon MITTERMAIER - 16/10/2017
Entwurf eines Optimierungsverfahrens zum Abgleich eines Synthesizers für Mikrowellenbildgebung

Bachelor Thesis - Michael WÜRTH - 04/10/2017
Orthogonal Matching Pursuit with Newton-based Refinement Steps for Channel Estimation in mmWave Communications

Master Thesis - Sergi LIESEGANG MARIA - 02/10/2017
Pilot Contamination Reduction in Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Thomas WEINBERGER - 29/09/2017
Direction of Arrival Estimation using Orthogonal Marching Pursuit with Newton-based Refinement Steps

Master Thesis - Johannes BASTL - 13/09/2017
Analysis of Class M Power Amplifier

Bachelor Thesis - Mejdi SIALA - 18/08/2017
Zero Forcing Precoding mit generalisierten Inversen für Systeme

Bachelor Thesis - Patrick Firas CHAABOUNI - 19/07/2017
Modelling of Bursty Traffic in Communication Networks and Performance Analysis of Scheduling Schemes for Systems

Master Thesis - Kamel SHIBLI - 17/07/2017
Random Processes and Their Application in the Sparse Recovery Problem with Infinite Unions of Subspaces

Master Thesis - Christoph ZEISER - 04/07/2017
Analysis and Prediction of IT Incident Ticket Volumes based on Historical Data with Machine Learning Techniques

Research Internship - Patrick GÖGLER - 26/06/2017
Precoding based crosstalk management under DSL specific power constraints


Bachelor Thesis - Ghassen LAAJAILIA - 13/06/2017
Quantized Precoding in Massive MU-MIMO

Master Thesis - Oliver DE CANDIDO - 02/06/2017
Achievable Rate Analysis and Transmitter Signal Processing for 1-Bit Quantized MIMO Systems

Master Thesis - Julian EMMERT - 30/05/2017
Entwicklung eines bayesschen Schätzverfahrens zur Richtungsschätzung von LTE Mobilfunkbasisstationsantennen

Research Internship - Michael KNÖDLSEDER - 28/03/2017
Computation of the Model-Aware Restricted Isometry Constant

Bachelor Thesis - Nikolas KIRCHHOFF - 28/03/2017
MIMO Radar Imaging using Model-Aware Block Sparse Recovery with Adaptive Block Cardinality Estimation

Master Thesis - Christoph WEBER - 28/03/2017
Development of Innovative Processing Methods for Monostatic and Bistatic SAR Data

Bachelor Thesis - Paul THIELE - 21/02/2017
Parameterization of Compressed Sensing Algorithms for Channel Estimation

Bachelor Thesis - Florian BECK - 21/02/2017
Optimal Transmission Switching for AC Transmission Grids

Research Internship - Johannes PICKART - 19/01/2017
Low-Complexity Sum Rate Maximization for Millimeter-Wave Communications

Bachelor Thesis - BING YANG Gay Nicholas - 16/12/2016
Precoding for Pilot Contaminated Massive MIMO Systems


Bachelor Thesis - CHUA Kheng Hao - 16/12/2016
Decontaminating Equalization for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - LIM Liang Cong Lester - 16/12/2016
Channel Estimation and Feedback in FDD Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - HENG Wei Li - 16/12/2016
Bonding in Downlink DSL Systems

Bachelor Thesis - PNG Jeffrey - 16/12/2016
Estimation of Structured Covariance Matrices for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - SHANKARA - 16/12/2016
Resource Sharing for the SISO Interference Channel

Bachelor Thesis - KHOR ZHENG Hou - 15/12/2016
MIMO Detection: Comparison of Linear and Non-Linear Methods

Bachelor Thesis - HU Jianyao Jonathan - 15/12/2016
Comparison of Multi-User Hybrid Precoding Algorithms for Millimeter-Wave Communications

Research Internship - Kamel SHIBLI - 13/12/2016
Joint Covariance Matrix Estimation and Pilot Allocation in Massive MIMO

Master Thesis - Maximilian PAUTZKE - 17/11/2016
Vertikale Positionsschätzung im Fahrzeug durch Dead Reckoning mittels eines Extended Kalman Filters

Master Thesis - Johannes HERDEGEN - 13/10/2016
Rate Balancing in Massive MIMO Subject to Probability Constraints


Bachelor Thesis - Aymen DEHMANI - 24/08/2016
Random Cache Placements for Coded Caching

Master Thesis - Karl BUDWEISER - 05/08/2016
A Feasibility Analysis of Automotive OFDM Systems

Master Thesis - Thomas EMIG - 26/07/2016
Effects of Nonlinear Precoding on Viterbi Decoding and System Performance in Multi-User Copper Networks

Bachelor Thesis - Michael KNÖDLSEDER - 04/07/16
Regression with monotonicity constraints

Bachelor Thesis - Nico WITTROCK - 20/06/16
Exploiting Channel Structure in a Multi-Cell Network with Pilot-Reuse

Master Thesis - Antonin KONATE - 15/06/2016
Handover Optimization using Mobile Relays

Research Internship - Alexander DOMANSKI - 09/06/2016
Model-Aware Adaptive Pulse Compression for Coherent MIMO Radar Imaging

Master Thesis - Christoph MEYER - 05/02/2016
Untersuchung und Implementierung von Möglichkeiten zur Optimierung der Qualitätsmetrik von auf ML-Schätzern beruhenden Peilalgorithmen

Bachelor Thesis - TAN Yew Hong Abel - 28/01/2016
Adaptive Precoding for DSL Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Mohamed MEZGHANI - 28/01/2016
Covariance Estimation in MIMO Systems


Master Thesis – Vishu MITTAL - 17/12/2015
Signal Processing Techniques for Encrypted and High Bandwidth Navigation Signals

Bachelor Thesis - CHOK Wen Li - 16/12/2015
Feedback of CSI in MIMO Communication System

Bachelor Thesis - HAN Kaisi Kelly - 16/12/2015
Pilot Contamination Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - FENG Yang - 16/12/2015
Interference Coordination in Device-to- Device Communications

Bachelor Thesis - LIM Lanting Jolie - 16/12/2015
Precoding and Equalization for Future DSL Systems

Research Internship - Johannes GROSSMANN - 12/11/2015
The Prismatic Branch and Bound Algorithm Applied to the MIMO MAC

IDP - Florian DOLD - 19/10/2015
A Generic Boot Loader for Software Deployment inG eterogeneous Networks

Master Thesis - Antoine MIGUET - 19/10/2015
Validity of the Correlation-based MIMO Channel Models

Master Thesis - Niklas WINTER - 30/09/2015
Noisy Network Coding for Gaussian Networks

Bachelor Thesis - Thomas WIEGART - 06/08/2015
Optimization of the Partial Decode-and-Forward Rate in the MIMO Relay Channel


Engineering Internship - Thomas WIEGART - 06/08/2015
Sum Rate Maximization in the MIMO Broadcast Channel with Shaping Constraints

IDP - Michael G. DORNER und Christian FLASCHE - 22/07/2015
Evaluation von Metriken der Verbindungsqualität von asymmetrischen, kabellosen Kanälen

Master Thesis - Marcus MÜLLER - 20/05/2015
Machine Learning based Reliability Estimation for Crash Severity Prediction

Master Thesis - Thomas MAIERBACHER - 07/05/2015
Comparison of Methods for Direction of Arrival, Polarization and Model Order Estimation

Master Thesis - Andreas BARTHELME - 31/03/2015
Linear Precoding for DSL Systems

Master Thesis - Luis Berzal HIGUERA - 26/03/2015
A Comparison of Multi-User Multi-Antenna Satellite Communication Architectures with SINR Balancing

IDP - Benedikt PETER und Lukas ERLACHER - 24/03/2015
Further Development of the moep80211 Coded Wireless Mesh Network

Bachelor Thesis - Patrick GÖGLER - 18/02/2015
Composite Real Principal Component Analysis of Improper Complex Signals

Master Thesis - Marcin IWANOW - 12/02/2015
Achievable Rates for the Outage Constrained Multi-Antenna Relay Channel with Imperfect CSI

Research Internship - Ruifei LI - 15/12/2014
Implementierung und Vergleich von Maximum Likelihood Detektor und Sphere Decoder mithilfe von MATLAB


Master Thesis - Haris KHAWAR - 12/12/2014
Joint Optimization of Pilot Sequence and Linear Precoder for MIMO Multiple Access Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Lucas Kuah Wen Yuan - 12/12/2014
Precoding for Future DSL Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Tan Shi Ting Michelle - 12/12/2014
Zero-Forcing Precoding with Per-Antenna Power Constraints

Bachelor Thesis - Su Weijun - 12/12/2014
Feedback of Channel State Information in MIMO Communication Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Tan Qi Sheng - 12/12/2014
Pilot Contamination Precoding for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Nurzahidah Binte Mohamed Yusoff - 05/12/2014
Channel Estimation for Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Johannes GROSSMANN - 05/12/2014
Parameter Estimation for Coherent MIMO Radar Using Compressed Sensing

Master Thesis - Rahul SINGH - 19/11/2014
Interference Coordination for Resource Efficiency in Device to Device Communication

IDP - Julian KIRSCH and Maurice LECLAIRE - 22/10/2014
moep80211 boot

IDP - Martin Erich JOBST - 22/10/2014
Suppressing Delay Variations in Coded Wireless Networks


Bachelor Thesis - Johannes PICKART - 30/09/2014
An Outage Tradeoff for Rate Balancing with Rician and Rain Fading

Research Internship - Andreas BARTHELME - 05/08/2014
Mean Square Error Balancing with Per-Feed Power Constraints

Bachelor Thesis - Michael KOLLER - 14/07/2014
Measuring Impropriety of Complex Signals Based on the Framework of Block-Skew-Circulant Matrices

Bachelor Thesis - Julian RENNER - 18/06/2014
Quantization of Log-Likehood-Ratios in Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Christoph HITSCH - 29/04/2014
Analysis of TDD Communication Protocols for the Half-Duplex Two-Way Gaussian MIMO Relay Channel

Diploma Thesis - Alexander DIEWALD - 17/03/2014
Optimality of convex relaxation for rank-one problems and its applications

Bachelor Thesis - Siu Hoong CHEANG - 20/12/2013
The Least Mean Squares Algorithm

Bachelor Thesis - Li Tong CHEW - 20/12/2013
Pilot-Contamination in Massive MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Jun Ming Milton CHUA - 20/12/2013
Investigation of MIMO Detection with LLR Clipping

Bachelor Thesis - Shengnan DONG - 20/12/2013
Linear Precoder Design for Multi-User Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MU-MIMO) Systems


Bachelor Thesis - Alvin HO - 20/12/2013
Comparison of Low Complexity MIMO Algorithms for the Broadcast Channel Scenario

Bachelor Thesis - Chong Sian KOH - 20/12/2013
Sum Power Limitation versus Per Antenna Constraints for Rate Balancing in the Vector Broadcast Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Viknesh V - 20/12/2013
Ergodic Data Rate Maximization in MIMO Transmission

Bachelor Thesis - Tommy Indra WINATA - 20/12/2013
Design of Channel State Information Feedback for the Vector Broadcast Channel

Master Thesis - Jie LU - 11/12/2013
Rate Balancing in the MIMO Broadcast Channel with Erroneous CSI at the Receivers

Bachelor Thesis - Xue Qi LIM - 16/10/2013
Investigation of a Lower Bound to the Mutual Information of MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Ai Jie YEE - 16/10/2013
Linear Receive and Transmit Processing in MIMO systems

Master Thesis - Adithya Kumar MADANAHALLI JAI PRAKASH - 31/10/2013
Investigation of OFDM Signals for Imaging Radar Applications

Master Thesis - Oleg KLYUDT - 17/10/2013
Achievable Rate Regions for the Gaussian MIMO Multiple-Access Relay Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Erich HEIMERL 14/10/2013
Simulation of an analog front end for digitally modulated TV signals


Bachelor Thesis - Katharina KOCH - 18/07/2013
Model Based Input Selection Networks

Diploma Thesis - Stephan HERRMANN - 02/05/2013
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Criticality Assessment in Active Safety Systems

Bachelor Thesis - KWOK Yu Nan - 15/03/2013
Sum Capacity in the MIMO MAC

Bachelor Thesis - CHAN Joey Yiptong - 18/01/2013
Linear Precoding for Multi-Antenna Downlink Systems

Diploma Thesis - Stephan GÜNTHER - 08/01/2013
moep80211 - Towards a Coded Wireless Mesh Network based on IEEE 802.11 Consumer Hardware

Bachelor Thesis - YUE Chao - 19/12/2012
Analysis and Implementation of Particle Filtering for Tracking Applications

Bachelor Thesis - Niklas WINTER - 13/12/2012

Carrier-Cooperative Successive Stream Allocation in Parallel MIMO Broadcast Channels with Zero-Forcing Beamforming

Master Thesis - Lorenz WEILAND 03/12/2012
Achievable Rates for the Gaussian MIMO Relay Channel Using the Partial Decode-and-Forward Scheme

Diploma Thesis - Othmane KHELIL 23/10/2012
Bearing-Only Tracking in LOS/NLOS Environments

Bachelor Thesis - Andreas WITTMANN 23/10/2012
Robust Zero-Forcing for MIMO Interference Networks


Master Thesis - Scott KENEALY 28/09/2012
High-Resolution Channel Estimation: Multipath Parameter Estimation in CDMA Systems with Limited Channel Observation

Diploma Thesis - Romain BETHENOD 25/09/2012
Outage Constrainted Power Minimization in the Vector Broadcast Channel: Beamforming Methods and Optimal Power Allocation

Bachelor Thesis - David LEINER 25/09/2012
Locally Optimal Rate Balancing for Rank-One Broadcast Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Houda BANNOUR - 06/08/2012
Time-Sharing Quantization for the Half-Duplex One-Way Gaussian MIMO Relay Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Andreas BARTHELME - 01/08/2012
Modeling of Direction Finding Systems on Airborne Platforms

Bachelor Thesis - Christiane DIETRICH - 25/07/12
Fractional Reuse for LTE-A

Bachelor Thesis - Johannes HERDEGEN - 25/07/12
Gradient-Based Energy Efficiency Optimization in MIMO Broadcast Channels with Linear Precoding

Master Thesis - Arailym BUTABAYEVA - 19/04/2012
Power Minimization in the Satellite Downlink with Ergodic and Outage Rate Requirements

Diploma Thesis - Steffen LIMMER - 25/01/2012
Sparse Representations with Application to Channel Estimation

Bachelor Thesis - Stephan Herrmann - 18/01/2012
Carrier-Cooperative Power Minimization in Parallel MIMO Broadcast Channels with Zero-Forcing Beamforming


Diploma Thesis - Thomas WIESE - 19/12/2011
Scheduling with Interference in Coded Wireless Packet Networks

Bachelor Thesis - Stephan GUENTHER - 05/10/2011
Dynamic Multicast in Coded Wireless Packet Networks

Master Thesis - Firat SARIALTUN - 05/10/2011
Tracking and Track Association in a Surveillance Application

Bachelor Thesis - Paskal KIEFER - 09/09/11
Receding Horizon Power Minimization for Block-Fading MISO Channels

Diploma Thesis - David NEUMANN - 09/08/2011
Opportunistic Scheduling

Bachelor Thesis - Nesrine DAMAK - 14/07/11
Energy Efficient Transmission in MISO Broadcast Channels

Diplomarbeit - Michael Fauß - 17/01/2011
On the Design of Transceive Filters for the Two-Way Amplify-and-Forward Relay Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Andreas ILIOPOULOS - 30/11/10
Gradient Projection Based Precoder Design for MISO Interference Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Andreas BRACK - 22/11/10
Cooperative Transmission in Multi-Cell Networks with Optimal Interference Management

Diplomarbeit - Michael VONBUN - 28/10/10
Optimal Outage-Rate Trade-off in Coded Wireless Packet Networks


Master Thesis - Oya GÜLSAY - 25/10/10
Practical Algorithms for Interference Coordination in Cellular Networks

Diplomarbeit - Manuel STEIN - 22/10/10
Two-Way Relay Channel with Half-Duplex Constraint

Master Thesis - Samer BAZZI - 21/10/10
MSE Design of CSI Feedback and Transceivers in Interference Channels

Master Thesis - Antonis PITAROKOILIS - 21/10/10
Weighted Sum Rate Maximization for MISO Multicasting

Master Thesis - Ulrich VOLLMANN - 05/10/10 (external)
Measurement Procedures for Beamforming in LTE

Master Thesis - Xiaojun MA - 05/10/10 (external)
Combined Optimization of Channel Estimation and Fine Synchronization for 3GPP LTE Downlink

Bachelor Thesis - Duc HA MINH - 17/09/10
Random Linear Network Coding in Erasure Networks - From Theory to a Practical Model

Master Thesis - Andreas GRÜNDINGER - 06/08/10
Stochastic Transceiver Design in Multi-Antenna Channels with Imperfect Channel State Information

Diploma Thesis - Alexander KREBS - 16/07/10
The Successive Encoding Successive Allocation Method in Small and Large Multiuser Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Systems

Diploma Thesis - Christoph HELLINGS - 18/06/10
Power Minimization in Parallel Vector Broadcast Channels with Linear Precoding


Bachelor Thesis - Michael GRUBER - 03/05/10
Sensitivity Analysis of Kernel Parameters on the Accuracy of Range-Based Localization and Mapping

Bachelor Thesis - David NEUMANN - 28/04/10
Joint Routing, Scheduling, and Resource Allocation for Interference Limited Networks

Student Project (SIM) - Andreas LEHMANN - 14/04/10 (external)
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Bearings-Only Target Tracking

Bachelor Thesis - Christian DENK - 08/04/10
QoS Feasibility Region and Power Minimization in the MIMO Broadcast Channel

Student Project - Michael VONBUN - 15/01/10
MSE Duality for the MIMO BC and the MIMO MAC with Imperfect Transmitter and Perfect Receiver CSI

Master Thesis - Kaifeng GUO - 27/10/09 (external)
Investigation on Maximum-Likelihood Based Timing and Frequency Tracking Algorithm for MIMO LTE System

Master Thesis - Wang KAI - 27/10/09
Optimized Interference Alignment for the Two User MIMO X Channel

Master Thesis - Ahmad AWADA - 27/10/09 (external)
Investigation of MIMO Detection Algorithms for LTE Downlink

Master Thesis - Sebouh YEGHIAYAN - 27/10/09 (external)
Channel Estimation for MIMO-OFDM Systems

Master Thesis - Karim KHASHABA - 23/10/09 (external)
The title of the thesis has not yet been authorized to be disclosed!


Student Project (SIM) - Andreas GRÜNDINGER - 06/08/09 (external)
Transmit Beamforming for the Two-User Multiple-Input Single-Output Interference Channel under Statistical Channel Knowledge

Bachelor Thesis - Michael FAUSS - 16/07/09
Nonconcave Utility Maximization Using Simplex Subdivision

Bachelor Thesis - Christian NEUMAIR - 16/07/09
Robust Signal Processing in Multi-User MIMO Systems

Student Project (SIM) - Ines ABDELGHANI - 14/05/09
Weighted Sum Rate Maximization on Elaborate Interference Channel Models

Student Project (SIM) - Johannes LENZ - 14/05/09
Weighted Sum Rate Maximization on Elaborate Interference Channel Models

Bachelor Thesis - Anouar GMATI- 05/05/09
Determination of Minimal Transmit Powers for Networked Control Systems with Noisy Forward and Reverse Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Christoph HELLINGS - 19/12/08
Optimized Signaling for the MIMO Interference Channel at High SNR

Master Thesis - Jian ZHEN - 14/11/08
Novel Feedback Design for Multiuser Precoding

Master Thesis - Oliver LABRECHE - 10/10/08 (external)
Scheduling and Beamforming for the Downlink of Limited Feedback Multiuser MIMO Systems

Master Thesis - Guangxia ZHOU - 07/10/08 (external)
Close-to-Maximum Likelihood MIMO Detection in LTE


Bachelor Thesis - Alexander KREBS - 01/08/08
Finite Rate Feedback Schemes for the MIMO Broadcast Channel

Master Thesis - Maximilian RIEMENSBERGER - 29/07/08
Training Overhead for Decoding Random Linear Network Codes

Diploma Thesis - Andreas DOTZLER - 29/07/08
Advanced Physical Layer Techniques for Wireless Mesh Networks

Bachelor Thesis - Sascha GÜNTHER - 24/07/08
Utility Maximization Strategies in the Linear MISO Downlink

Diploma Thesis - Benedikt BAUMGARTNER - 26/06/08 (external)
Particle Swarm Covariance Matrix Adaptation - Evolutionary Strategy

Bachelor Thesis - Andreas GRÜNDINGER - 26/05/08
Optimum Signaling with Two Multi-Antenna Interfering Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Georg SCHNATTINGER - 30/01/08
Transmitter Design using Innovation Coding for LQG Control over AWGN Channels with an Input Power Constraint

Diploma Thesis - Adam MOLIN - 14/12/07
Analysis of Control Over Noisy Channels Using the Theory of Markov Chains

Diploma Thesis - Hans BRUNNER - 12/10/07
MIMO BC Filter Design Based on Non-Linear MIMO Point-to-Point Transceivers

Master Thesis -  Xiangpeng KONG - 12/10/07 (external)
Investigations on a Blind Adaptive Beamformer for Automotive Environment


Master Thesis - Ali MOAZ - 12/10/07 (external)
Channel Estimation for EUTRA Uplink at High Vehicular Scenarios

Master Thesis Zahy ABOU-ATME - 12/10/07 (external)
Towards Adaptive and Reduced Complexity Interference Cancellation in VDSL Systems

Student Project (SIM) - Maximilian RIEMENSBERGER - 09/10/07
Analysis of a Differential Geometric  Approach to Modular Cross Layer Optimization

Master Thesis - Qing BAI - 02/10/07
Utility-Optimum Resource Allocation in the MIMO Broadcast Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Pratana KUKIEATTIKOOL - 02/10/07
Advancement of a Demonstration Tool for 4G Algorithms

Diploma Thesis - Carolin VAAS - 26/09/07
Modular Cross Layer Optimization of OFDMA PHY Layer and Scalable Video Coding

Bachelor Thesis - Ines ABDELGHANI - 08/08/07
Modular Parameter Optimization based on Statistical Channel State Information

Bachelor Thesis - Thomas RIEDL - 01/08/07
Iterative Root-Finding Methods and Their Application for QoS Uplink Power Minimization

Diploma Thesis - Tzvetan IVANOV - 30/07/07
A Polynomial Approach to Behavíours and Control of Dynamical Systems

Diploma Thesis - Patrick DENANTES - 04/06/07 (external)
Choosing the best averaging strategy in a time-varying network


Bachelor Thesis - Tobias LUTZ  - 04/04/07
Reduced Complexity Resource Allocation in Multiuser MIMO Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Thomas LANG - 30/03/07
MIMO Detection with Polynomial Complexity

Bachelor Thesis - Carolin VAAS - 08/12/06
Modular Cross-layer Optimization in Multiuser OFDMA Systems

Bachelor Thesis - Maximilian RIEMENSBERGER - 27/10/06
Nonlinear Transceiver Design for Point-to-Point MIMO Communications

Diploma Thesis - Felix HOFMANN - 27/10/06
QoS and Rate Balancing for Linear Precoding in the MIMO BC

Master Thesis - Ke ZHU - 19/10/06 (external)
Initial Frame Synchronisation in Evolved UTRA Random Access Channel

Master Thesis - Muhammed Danish NISAR -19/10/06 (external)
Channel Estimation and Equalization for Evolved UTRA Uplink

Bachelor Thesis - Hans BRUNNER - 29/09/06
Successive Precoding for Modulo Receivers: Exploiting Instantaneous Symbol Knowlegde

Diploma Thesis - Christoph SCHMID - 29/09/06
Information Theory based Linear Approaches for the MIMO Broadcast Channel

Bachelor Thesis - Lennart GERDES - 11/08/06
LDPC-Coded IDMA for Efficient High-Rate Transmission


Bachelor Thesis - Alexander SCHWING - 04/08/06
Review and Design of Single-Group Multicasting Beamformers

Diploma Thesis - Christoph BUNZ - 12/07/06 (external)
Erweiterung des Viterbi Algorithmus fuer ISI unter farbigem Rauschen

Bachelor Thesis - Rafik GHIAT - 28/06/06
MMSE Vektor-Precoding mit unterschiedlichen Empfängergewichten

Diploma Thesis - Amine MEZGHANI - 24/06/06
Linear and Nonlinear Transceiver Design for Multiuser MIMO Systems

Diploma Thesis - Hassan HARIZ - 01/06/06 (external)
Development and Optimisation of Receiver Tracking Algorithms for Modernized GPS and Galileo Navigation Signals for a Hardware Receiver

Bachelor Thesis - Fan HE - 28/10/05
Complexity Reduced LMMSE Channel Estimation for Wireless MIMO Transmission Systems

Master Thesis - Rachid EL-ASSIR  - 28/10/05
MSE Precoding for Partial Channel State Information Based on  MAC-BC Duality

Master Thesis - Vijayasarathi JANARDHANAM - 25/10/05 (external)
Transmit Precoding for Sidelobe Suppression in OFDM based Systems

Master Thesis - Georgios PSALTOPOULOS - 17/10/05
Enhancing Diversity of DFE and THP through Lattice Search Techniques

Bachelor Thesis - Georg ZEITLER - 05/08/2005
Analysis of Iterative Reduced-Rank Multi-User Receivers Based on EXIT Charts


Bachelor Thesis - Patrick DENANTES - 22/06/2005 (external)
Throughput Analysis of Receiver Strategies in UMTS High Speed Downlink Packet Access

Diploma Thesis - David SCHMIDT - 09/06/2005
Nonlinear Precoding for Multiantenna Broadcast Channels According to the MMSE Criterion

Bachelor Thesis - Tzvetan IVANOV - 24/05/2005
Estimation of Second Order Channel and Noise Statistics in Wireless Communications

Diploma Thesis - Christian GUTHY - 10/05/2005
Pareto Optimal Physical Layer Descriptions of Multiuser, Multiantenna and Multicarrier Systems

Diploma Thesis - Michael BOTSCH - 03/05/2005
Robust Reduced-Rank Complexity Receiver for Multiuser Mobile Communication Systems

Diploma Thesis - Peter BREUN - 30/04/2005
Precoding for the Wireless Broadcast Channel based on Partial Channel Knowledge

Bachelor Thesis - Adam MOLIN - 8/04/2005
Precoding Strategies in Multiuser MIMO OFDM Systems Based on Successive Encoding

Bachelor Thesis - Ralf BENDLIN -18/10/2004
Throughput Anaylsis - A Cutoff Rate Equivalence

Diploma Thesis - Ingmar GROH - 23/03/2005
Random Matrix Theory and Its Application to Space-Time Processing

Master Thesis - Hua LI - 06/10/2004 (external)
Investigations on the Path Search in a UMTS FDD System


Master Thesis - Guillermo von BREYMANN - 06/10/2004 (external)
System Simulator Positioning Accuracy Analysis in UMTS

Master Thesis - Ying ZHANG - 06/10/2004 (external)
Signalling Overhead in Adaptive MC-CDMA/FDMA Systems

Master Thesis - Savaskan BULEK  - 25/10/2004
Joint Optimization of Channel Estimation and Precoding

Master Thesis - Lu WANG - 25/10/2004
Optimization of Multiuser MIMO Systems

Master Thesis - Rui CHANG - 25/10/2004 (external)
A Novel Semi-Blind Technique of Channel Estimation in MIMO-OFDM Telecommunication System

Master Thesis - Raphael HUNGER - 09/02/2005
Connectivity Aspects of Ad-Hoc Networks

Master Thesis - Christian MENSING - 01/03/2005 (external)
Adaptation Techniques for MIMO BICM-OFDM Systems over Time-Varying Channels

Bachelor Thesis - Felix HOFFMANN - 20/09/2004
Analysis of Estimators for the Gram Channel Matrix in the Context of Wireless Communications

Bachelor Thesis - Venelin TONEV - 05/08/2004
Vergleich linearer Signalverarbeitung am Sender und am Empfänger mit Kanalcodierung

Student Project - Michael BOTSCH - 12/07/2004
Linear Adaptive Equalizer based on Support Vector Machines for Mobile Communication


Bachelor Thesis - Patrick HENKEL - 29/06/2004
Comparison of Reduced Rank Equalizers based on Channel Estimates for CDMA Systems

Diploma Thesis - Raphael HUNGER - 08/06/2004
Adoption of Transmit Filter Design Criteria to Broadcast Channels

Diploma Thesis - Christian MENSING - 15/04/2004
Iterative Detection Based on Widely Linear and Reduced-Rank Equalization

Master Thesis - Eleftherios KARIPIDIS - 26/11/2003 (external)
OFDM Channel Estimation Based on Reduced Rank Processing

Diploma Thesis - Johannes BREHMER - 07/11/2003
Transmit Wiener Filter – Nonlinear Extension and Reduced-Rank Precoding

Diploma Thesis - Aliye Oezge KAYA - 04/11/2003 (external)
Investigation and Implementation of Smart Antenna Base Station Receiver Algorithms

Master Thesis - Le Minh HOA - 06/10/2003
BEP Optimum Transmit Processing

Bachelor Thesis -  Peter BREUN - 15/09/2003
Rangreduzierte Matrix Wiener Filter in MIMO Systemen

Diploma Thesis - Stefan BERGER - 15/03/2003
Vergleich verschiedener Vorcodierungsverfahren für die Abwärtsstrecke von TD-CDMA

Bachelor Thesis - Aliye Oezge KAYA - 19/02/2003 (external)
Narrowband Phased Array for Acoustic Source Localisation