2020 Workshop on Coding, Cooperation, and Security in Modern Communication Networks (COCO)


The 2020 Workshop on Coding, Cooperation, and Security in Modern Communication Networks (COCO 2020) will take place online on Zoom on

  • Monday July 6th at 12:00-18:00 (Germany time)
  • Thursday July 16th at 9:00-12:00 (Germany time).

This event is part of a German Israeli Project Cooperation of TUM and Ben Gurion University supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

Workshop Chairs:
Gerhard Kramer, Antonia Wachter-Zeh (TUM), Haim Permuter, Moshe Schwartz (BGU)

Topics of interest

  • Information Theory (IT)
  • Coding Theory (CT)
  • Machine Learning for IT, CT and Communication

Online Venue

  • For security reasons, a Zoom link will be sent privately to all registered participants by email on Sunday July 5, 2020.



Monday 6.7.2020 at 12-6pm (Germany time)
(1pm-7pm Israel time)
Time Session 1 Chair: Haim Permuter
12:00  Haim Permuter Overview on the research group 
12:30  Ziv Aharoni Directed information neural estimation
12:45  Break  
  Session 2 Chair: Antonia Wachter-Zeh
13:00 Antonia Wachter-Zeh Overview on the research group 
13:15 Hedongliang Liu On the Gap between Vector and Scalar Solutions of Generalized Combination Networks
13:30 Haider Al Kim Binary Codes for PSMC with Errors
13:45 Break  
  Session 3 Chair: Moshe Schwartz
14:00 Moshe Schwartz Overview on the research group 
14:15 Han Cai On optimal locally repairable codes and generalized sector-disk codes
14:30 Hengjia Wei On the maximum size of $(t;h,h)_q$-independent configuration
14:45 Break  
  Session 4 Chair:  Lorenz Welter
15:00 Lorenz Welter Criss Cross Deletion Correcting Codes
15:15  Georg Maringer Information-theoretic Aspects of the RLWE-Channel
15:30  Asaf Lavi Cellular BSs Optimization with Deep NN
15:45  Break  
  Session 5 Chair: Gerhard Kramer
16:00 Ido Tal (Technion) Polar Codes for the Deletion Channel: Weak and Strong Polarization
16:20 Yuval Kochman (HUJI) Explaining the optimality of Dolinar's receiver for BPSK over optical channels
16:40 Break  
  Session 6 Chair: Or Ordentlich
17:00 Ziv Goldfeld (Cornell) Smooth Wasserstein distance: metric structure and statistical efficiency
17:20 Oron Sabag (Caltech) The Minimal Directed Information Needed to Improve the LQG Cost
17:40 See you next week!   
Thursday 16.7.2020 at 8:30am-17:00pm (Germany time)
(9:30am-6pm Israel time)
  Keynote Speaker  
8:30 Shlomo Shamai (Technion) Bottleneck Problems: Connections, Application and Implications
  Session 1 Chair: Gerhard Kramer
9:00  Gerhard Kramer Overview on the research group 
9:15  Javier Garcia Mismatched Models to Lower Bound the Capacity of Optical Fiber Channels
9:30  Break  
  Session 2 Chair: Antonia Wachter-Zeh
10:00 Diego Lentner Stealth Communication with Vanishing Power
10:15 Delcho Donev Asymptotic Guard Intervals for Sinc and Prolate Spheroidal Wave Function Waveforms
10:30 Mustafa Coskun Bounds on the List Size of SCL Decoding
10:45 Break  
  Session 3 Chair: Yuval Kochman
11:00 Uzi Pereg Quantum Channel State Masking
11:15 Roberto Ferrara Semantic security with BRI Functions
11:30 Lunch break  
  Session 4 Chair: Moshe Schwartz
13:00 Christian Deppe Computability of the Zero-Error Capacity
13:15 Mohammad Salariseddigh An Introduction to Identification Without Randomization
13:30 Nikita Polianskii Adversarial Z channel 
13:45 Break   
  Session 5 Chair: Antonia Wachter-Zeh
14:00 Tsachi Tamo (TAU) Combinatorial list-decoding of Reed-Solomon codes beyond the Johnson radius
14:20 Ofer Shayevitz(TAU) A lower bound on the communication complexity of private simultaneous messages 
14:40 Break  
  Session 6 Chair: Haim Permuter
15:00 Eli Shemuel Feedback Capacity of Finite-State Channels with Causal State Information Known at the Encoder
15:15 Dor Tzur Capacity of continuous channels via directed information neural estimation.
15:30 Ben Marinberg A Study on MIMO Channel Estimation by 2D and 3D Convolutional Neural Networks
15:45 Break  
  Session 7 Chair: Ziv Goldfeld
16:00 Patrick Schulte (TUM) TBD
16:20 Georg Böcherer (TUM) Achievability [for optical fiber channels] rethought: one step back from capacity
16:40 Or Ordentlich (HIJU) New Bounds on the Density of Lattice Coverings
17:00 Goodbye!  

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