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Violetta Weger awarded EuroTech Postdoc fellowship

Violetta Weger was awarded the prestigious EuroTechPostdoc2 fellowship. EuroTechPostdoc2 is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellowship programme for experienced high-potential researchers. The projects are collaborative projects between two universities. Violetta's host will be TUM and her co-host where she will spend some months is Prof. Alberto Ravagnani from TU/e. Her project will deal with code-based cryptography and rank-metric codes.

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Prof. Dr. Ralf Kötter Memorial Award for Constantin Runge

Constantin Runge is the recipient of the 2022 Prof. Dr. Ralf Kötter Memorial Award for his outstanding Master thesis entitled "Higher-Order Polar-Coded Modulation for Asymmetric Channels”. The award, endowed with 500 Euros, is named after the TUM Chair of Communications Engineering Ralf Kötter, who died in 2009.

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IEEE Information Theory Society Goldsmith Lecturer Award für Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti

Shirin Saeedi Bidokhti is the recipient of the 2022 Goldsmith Lecturer Award of the IEEE Information Theory Society. Shirin was a postdoctoral fellow at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) from 2012-2016. She is currently Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania.