Welcome to the Institute for Communications Engineering

The Institute for Communications Engineering forms a research and teaching unit of the TUM Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. We have three groups (CODLNT, LÜT) with expertise in making communications efficient, reliable and secure. We rely on information theory to guide our thinking and designs for codes and algorithms. Our core competence is information processing for wireline and wireless communications, but we also apply our tools to interdisciplinary problems where information plays a role, for example communications in biology and physics.


We have three research teams:

  • Antonia Wachter-Zeh's group (COD) studies coding theory and security, including coding for storage, post-quantum cryptography, network coding and privacy. [more]
  • Gerhard Kramer's group (LNT) studies information theory, coding, and communications, with applications to wireless and fiber-optic channels. [more]
  • Norbert Hanik's group (LÜT) studies the physical layer of wireline communication systems, in particular optical and power line systems. [more]

All groups are interested in applying theory to accurate models, and in developing codes and algorithms that promise to impact.


We offer many courses, labs and seminars:

  • Several B.Sc. lectures on Digital Communications and Wireless Channels,
  • Numerous M.Sc. courses on Coding, Information Theory, and Wireless, Wireline, and Optical Systems,
  • Lectures for teachers at vocational schools and business administration students,
  • Several laboratories and seminars.

We supervise many Bachelor and Master theses every semester, as well as "Ingenieurspraxis" and "Forschungspraxis" projects.


Information on the former Instiute for Communication and Navigation (NAV) is available here.