Best Demo Award at IEEE SECON 2023

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Polina Kutsevol received the IEEE SECON 2023 Best Demo Award

The IEEE SECON 2023 Best Demo Award has been given to

Polina Kutsevol, Onury Ayan, Nikolaos Pappas and Wolfgang Kellerer

for the paper

Goal-oriented Transpot Layer Protocols for Wireless Control.

Presented at the 20th Annual IEEE Conference on Sensing, Communications, and Networking (IEEE SECON) that took place in Madrid, Spain from September 11 - 14, 2023.



LKN also had a full paper presented at IEEE SECON:

Experimental Study of Transport Layer Protocols for Wireless Networked Control Systems

Polina Kutsevol; Onur Ayan; Nikolaos Pappas; Wolfgang Kellerer

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