Project Lab Tactile Internet

Lecturer (assistant)
Duration5 SWS
TermWintersemester 2020/21
Language of instructionGerman
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Every participant works in a team of 2/3/4 people on a specific topic. The goal of the lab is to train and enhance the ability to work on a scientific topic / and implement and evaluate a Networked Control System. Each group is supervised individually by an experienced researcher. This supervisor helps the students to get started, provides links to the relevant literature, and gives feedback and advice on the implementation and evaluation of the methods, and provides feedback on the presentation slides.


Participants of this module develop, implement, and analyze selected aspects of the emerging Tactile Internet. The Tactile Internet is an emerging topic of high relevance that receives considerable attention in particular in the context of the standardization of the 5th generation of mobile communication. It supports the distributed deployment of sensors, actuators, and control modules which cooperate at a very low latency across the network.