MomenTUM - The Audi autonomous cup team


The team MomenTUM takes part in the Audi Autonomous Drving Cup challenge on behalf of the department of Robotics and Embedded systems, Technical University of Munich, Germany. The team members are students from computer science and mechanical department of TUM. As the challenge requires skills from different engineering departments, the team members are selected depending on their expertise to form a winning combination. Typically, the team members are previous participants of lab courses offered at our department.


The autonomous model cars of the competition are built on a COTS RC car platform. The car is assembled and delivered to participating universities, two units per team. The low level sensor/actuator interface is established by Arduino while the high level decision making is carried out by an Odroid board. The car has ultrasonic sensors for obstacle detection, a wheel encoder for speed measurements, gyro and accelerometer, 3D sensor and a camera. Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework (ADTF) tool is available for model-based development using C/C++.

The key capabilities are lane detection and following, motion planning, autonomous parking, road sign recognition, obstacle avoidance and autonomous navigation.

Participation year


  • Team: Florian Janßen, Florian Hisch, Andreas Huber, Alejandro Merello and Paul Bergmann
  • Supervisors: Hardik Shah and Prof. Alois Knoll
  • Result: First place, a reward of 10000 Euro (Videos)


  • Team: Florian Hisch, Andreas Huber, Clemens Elflein and Ferdinand Goss
  • Supervisors: Hardik Shah and Prof. Alois Knoll
  • Result: Third place, a reward of 1000 Euro