08.05.2024 - QTX-8 Workshop hosted by QCS announced!

We are organizing a Workshop on Quantum Technologies on Small Satellites as part of the QTX series. All relevant information and updates can be found on the website of the workshop.

15.02.2024 - Interview with Prof. Vogl: Satellite mission sets stage for unhackable quantum communication

Prof. Dr. Tobias, coordinator of the QUICK3 space mission, has been interviewed about our recent paper describing the hardware of the QUICK3 payload (see the original publication). The full interview can be read on Advanced Science News!

Update (13.03.2024): TUM has also published a press release about QUICK3!

12.02.2024 - Another two papers published!

We have just published another two papers:

Polarization Dynamics of Solid-State Quantum Emitters has been published on 09.02.2024 in ACS Nano. The work led by PhD student Anand Kumar gives important insights into the dipole polarization of quantum emitters, as well as into the origin of quantum emission in hexagonal boron nitride.

Comparative Study of Quantum Emitter Fabrication in Wide Bandgap Materials Using Localized Electron Irradiation has been published on 12.02.2024 in ACS Applied Optical Materials. The work is also led by PhD student Anand Kumar and compares fabrication techniques for quantum emitters on different crystals.

01.02.2024 - Welcome Julien Chenede and Namvar Jahanmehr!

Julien Chenede is next PhD student joining us at TUM. He studied engineering at the Télécom Saint-Étienne in France and will work on interfacing our quantum emitters hosted by 2D hexagonal boron nitride with photonic integrated circuits and using those devices to demonstrate quantum technology applications.

Also joining us is our new technician Namvar Jahanmehr who was formerly working as a technician at LMU Munich at the Chair in Hybrid Nanosystems.

21.01.2024 - Two papers published!

We have just published two papers:

Identifying Electronic Transitions of Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride for Quantum Memories  has been published on 20.01.2024 in Advanced Optical Materials. The work was led by PhD student Chanaprom Cholsuk and describes which defects in hexagonal boron nitride could be used as quantum memories. The work is part of the Rising Stars Special Issue, awarding the title 'Rising Star' to Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogl!

QUICK3 - Design of a Satellite-Based Quantum Light Source for Quantum Communication and Extended Physical Theory Tests in Space  has been published just a day later on 21.01.2024 in Advanced Quantum Technologies and describes the hardware of the payload in the QUICK3 space mission. This is a major milestone on our route to space!

01.11.2023 - Welcome Tjorben Matthes!

Tjorben Matthes is the first PhD student joining us at TUM from the former research group at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena. He will continue his work on investigations of fundamental properties of quantum emitters hosted by 2D hexagonal boron nitride and the integration of those emitters with photonic integrated circuits.

01.09.2023 - Welcome Dr. Asli Cebe!

Asli Cebe joins us as a new postdoctoral fellow and supports our theory team to work on quantum memories and density functional theory. She was previously doing her PhD in the group of Prof. Dr. Ignacio Cirac at Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics in Garching.

01.07.2023 - Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogl has been appointed at TUM!

Prof. Dr. Tobias Vogl has been appointed as Professor of Quantum Communication Systems Engineering at TUM. His research group currently transitions from the Friedrich-Schiller-University of Jena to Munich. Exciting times to come!