Our research is interdisciplinary and covers several fields in quantum optics, nanotechnology, quantum information, and electrical engineering. Our focus is on true single photon sources based on color centers or fluorescent defects in the 2D material hexagonal boron nitride (hBN). We develop such quantum emitters using nanotechnology fabrication techniques and theoretically simulate their properties. This way we try to generate single photon sources with tailored optical properties.

Another research focus of us it the combination of our 2D quantum emitters with integrated photonics. The utilization of quantum effects will only succeed with miniaturization of the involved components. We have chosen ultrafast laser-written waveguides for this task and we are directly integrating and interfacing the 2D emitters with these photonic integrated circuits.

We are also working on applying our quantum emitters and devices in applications, ranging from quantum communication, quantum computing, fundamental quantum science and interferometry, as well as on satellites for long-distance quantum cryptography.

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