Which thesis topics are currently available?

Writing your thesis at MSV you work on open problems and with latest methods in our area of research. Due to this close connection to our current research, new interesting question may appear at any time.

Therefore, the list under Open Topics for Master Theses is only a selection of the possible topics. If you are interested in doing your Master Thesis at MSV, you may also contact Professor Utschick or one of the group members to talk about your interests and about what fascinates you. This will provide you the opportunity to learn about the most recent and future research activities at MSV, in which you can get involved during your thesis.

If you are interested in performing a smaller research project at MSV (Bachelor Thesis, Research Internship, etc.), please contact Professor Utschick or one of the group members. It will either be possible to work on a limited aspect of one of the topics listed for master theses, or we will look for another current research question whose complexity fits to the intended type of research project.

To get an idea about possible directions of your thesis or research internship, you can also consult the list of previous thesis topics, where you find more than 200 theses which have been supervised at MSV in the past.

When can I start?

You can arrange your individual time schedule with your future supervisor.

Who can I contact?

Please, contact Prof. Utschick or a group member who is working in your research area of interest.