Machine Learning and Data Science

Lecturer: Wolfgang Utschick with Benedikt Fesl

Target Audience: Bachelor Management and Technology

Language: English

Next Exam: February 29th, 2023, 13:30 (no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information)

Additional Information: TUMonline and Moodle

Lectures/Exercises in Winter Semester 2023/24

Monday 9:45 – 12:15  online


The module is designed for non-engineering students (in particular students in Management and Technology) who aim at understanding the fundamental principles and concepts of modern information transmission and processing. It consists of lectures, exercise courses, and self-study.


- Paradigms in data preparation
- Curse of dimensionality
- Supervised and unsupervised learning
- Principal component analysis
- Clustering algorithms
- Classification methods
- Regression methods
- Learning and generalization
- Deep neural networks