MIMO Systems

Lecturer: Michael Joham with Donia Ben Amor

Target Audience: Master EI and MSCE

Language: English

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Lectures/Tutorials in Winter Semester 2023/24

Wednesday 11:30 – 13:00 2760
Thursday 11:30 – 13:00 2760
First lecture: Wednesday, 2023-10-18


Linear and non-linear algorithms for baseband signal processing in multiple input multiple output (MIMO) communication systems (point-to-point, multiple access, and broadcast setup).

For point-to-point channels: capacity for error-free knowledge about the channel state at the transmitter, waterfilling, diagonalization of the MIMO channel, capacity for fast fading channels, capacity for statistical channel knowledge of the transmitter, rate bounds for erroneous channel state knowledge at the receiver.

For multiple access channels (MAC): general MAC, successive decoding; scalar Gaussian MAC, rate splitting and time sharing; vector Gaussian MAC, weighted sum capacity; MIMO Gaussian MAC, capacity region, iterative waterfilling.

For broadcast channels (BC): general BC, degraded BC, scalar Gaussian BC, coding with known interference, dirty paper coding; Marton's achievable region, Sato's bound; vector Gaussian BC, duality of vector Gaussian BC and vector Gaussian MAC, sum capacity.