"Human-robot collaborative task planning using anticipatory brain responses" journal paper published

Our paper titled "Coordination tending towards an anti-phase relationship determines greater sway reduction during entrainment with a simulated Congrats to our Researchers Stefan Ehrlich, PhD, Emmanuel Dean Leon, Nick Tacca, Simon Armleder, Viktorija Dimova-Edeleva, Gordon Cheng for Their PLOS ONE Publication.

We are delighted to share the publication of our researchers' latest work titled "Human-robot collaborative task planning using anticipatory brain responses" in PLOS ONE.

In this study, they explore the potential of EEG-based neuro-cognitive measures for dynamic subtask assignment in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). Through experimental studies and simulations, they demonstrate the efficacy of a reinforcement learning-based algorithm, achieving an impressive 80% choice accuracy among four subtasks within 17 minutes of collaboration. These findings offer valuable insights into enhancing the adaptability and flexibility of robotic systems in HRI scenarios, contributing to the exciting field of human-robot collaboration. Congrats to our exceptional researchers on this significant publication.

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