Doctoral Research Seminar on "Bioinspired Fundamentals and Mechanisms for the Design of a Running Humanoid Robot“

The upcoming Doctoral Research Seminar next Monday will present "Bioinspired Fundamentals and Mechanisms for the Design of a Running Humanoid Robot“ by Konrad Fründ (DLR)
April 22nd, 2024, 10:30 – 11:30 in room 2026, Karlstr. 45

The field of humanoid robots is currently experiencing significant growth, with most humanoids focusing on industrial tasks within walkable distances. However, the ability to rapidly traverse complex terrain might become one of the future tasks for humanoid robots, to solve their given tasks efficiently. Within the seminar we investigate the bioinspired fundamentals and mechanisms that drive the design of a running humanoid robot. We will explore the bioinspired principles from the remarkable locomotion capabilities observed in humans which can be translated into the design and control of humanoid robots. The fundamental biomechanical functions of the human running gait will be discussed and how they can serve as guidelines for innovative humanoid robot designs. A focus is then given to the kinematics of humanoid robots and their joint axes to investigate the effect of oblique axes on bipedal locomotion. The seminar talk will provide valuable insights into the interdisciplinary research field of biomechanics, human anatomy, robotics, and how it can push the boundaries of what humanoid robots can achieve.