Doctoral Dissertations


  • Dr. Johannsmeier, Lars: Towards Autonomous Policy Synthesis: Tactile Manipulation Skills, Learning Architecture, and Process-Taxonomy-Based Planning, 2024.


  • Dr. Tödtheide, Alexander: Unified Force-Sensitive Robot Mechatronics: Pneumatic Robots - Electromagnetic Prostheses - Cable-Driven Exoskeletons, 2023.


  • Dr. Kühn, Johannes: Human-Inspired Reflexes and Coordination in Soft Robot and Upper-Limb Prosthesis Control, 2022.
  • Dr. Mansfeld, Nico: Safety Awareness for Rigid and Elastic Joint Robots: An Impact Dynamics and Control Framework, 2022.


  • Dr. Tomi, Teodor: Model-Based Control of Flying Robots for Robust Interaction under Wind Influence, 2018.