Book publication in January 2021: Quantum Communication Networks

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The new book Quantum Communication Networks (part of the Springer series: Foundations in Signal Processing, Communications and Networking), is currently in press.

The book by authors R. Bassoli, H. Boche, C. Deppe, R. Ferrara, F.H.P. Fitzek, G. Janssen, and S. Saeedinaeeni will be available in early 2021.

This book provides a tutorial on quantum communication networks. The authors discuss current paradigm shifts in communication networks that are needed to add computing and storage to the simple transport ideas of prevailing networks. They show how these ‘softwarized’ solutions break new ground to reduce latency and increase resilience. The authors discuss how even though these solutions have inherent problems due to introduced computing latency and energy consumption, the problems can be solved by hybrid classical-quantum communication networks. The book brings together quantum networking, quantum information theory, quantum computing, and quantum simulation.