Doctoral Seminar Embedded Systems and Internet of Things

General Information

In the Doctoral Seminar Embedded Systems and Internet of Things, current research topics and activities of the group are discussed. For this purpose, the doctoral candidates or members of the group present their research and participate in the discussion. From time to time, external speakers will be invited. One presentation will be held each biweekly (from 15:30 to 17:00).  In the other weeks, which do not have presentaion, we will have ad-hoc scientific discussions about ongoing projects, future proposals, and other related topics. The presenters and the dates of the presentations will be announced here. In case you want to attend, please contact to register your participation. 


Date  Presenter  Title 
29.09.2022 Fady Salama

Introduction to Hololens

14.07.2022 Mohammad Hamad

Toward IRS for connected vehicles

07.07.2022 Sebastian Steinhorst

Scientific paper writing (Everybody should be present!)

23.06.2022 Jens Ernstberger/Jan Lauinger

Data Provenance and Blockchain Oracles

02.06.2022 Andreas Finkenzeller

Feasible Time Delay Attacks against the Precision Time Protocol

19.05.2022 Julian Demicoli

Applications of wireless transmission in Hyperloop systems

05.05.2022 Emanuel Regnath Job applications in the industry
28.04.2022 Selman Akinci Communication Challenges of the Hyperloop System
21.04.2022 Mohammad Hamad Introduction to Rust
07.04.2022 Jan Lauinger Introduction to commitments and ZKPs
31.03.2022 Josef Waltl Software Defined Automation
24.03.2022 Fady Salama Simulation of Digital Twins in the Context of the Web of Things
24.02.2022 Jens Ernstberger Authenticated Data Feeds / Decentralized Oracles
10.02.2022 Zhipeng Wang (IC London) Speculative Multipliers on DeFi: Quantifying On-Chain Leverage Risks
03.02.2022 Jan Lauinger Intro to Commitments and ZKPs
27.01.2022 Andreas Finkenzeller Secure Time Synchronization in IoT Systems
19.08.2021 Emanuel Regnath CISCAV - Consensus-based Intersection Scheduling for Connected Autonomous Vehicles
24.06.2021 Philipp Weiss Predictable Execution Time Behavior for Gracefully Degrading Automotive Systems
17.06.2021 Jan Lauinger Artificial Neural Network for Supervised Learning
15.04.2021 Andreas Weichslgartner Security Engineering at the Car.SW Org.
08.04.2021 Emanuel Regnath Identifier Identifier (WIP/idea/brainstorm)
11.03.2021 Jan Lauinger (Dr.-ing. Mohammad Hamad) Self-sovereign Identity Management
25.02.2021 Dr. Zain A. H. Hammadeh Reconfigurable Distributed Systems for Space Applications
11.02.2021 Dr. Luxi Zhao Comparison of Various Traffic Shapers
17.09.2020 Ege Korkan The ESI mini internet