Software & Tools Developed at ESI

Online Platforms

Title Description
WoTify Platform to discover Web of Things implementations and to contribute with new implementations
Thing Description Playground Thing Description validation tool



ESI GitHub Projects

The following projects have started at ESI and can also be followed at our official Github account.

For node.js projects, we publish them also on npm at our official npm account.

Title Description
common-coding-conventions A concise and general guide to clear software design.

Thing Description based testing framework based
on eclipse/thingweb.node-wot


Deploys a virtual Web of Things servient based on its
Thing Description, supports HTTP, CoAP and MQTT protocols


A Web of Things API Development Environment



ESI Contributions to other Projects at GitHub

We are actively contributing to the following projects.

Title Our Role Description
thingweb-playground Developer Browser or node.js based static validation tool for W3C Thing Descriptions
eclipse/thingweb.node-wot Contributor W3C Web of Things implementation on NodeJS
w3c/wot Contributor Official repository of the W3C Web of Things working group