Learning Systems and Robotics Lab (LSY) Courses

Prof. Angela Schoellig

Are you interested in studying machine learning and control for robotics? If so, we invite you to join our courses currently offered at TUM. To succeed in these courses, you will need a strong background in mathematics and control theory. Below is a summary of the offerings for the current semester. If you have any questions regarding the course content or administrative procedures, please contact us at contact.lsy@xcit.tum.de.

Summer Semester 2024

Control for Robotics: from Optimal Control to Reinforcement Learning

Master Wahlmodul, Advanced Control Course with Machine Learning Elements

This course presents optimal control, learning-based control, and reinforcement learning principles from the perspective of robotics applications. The course covers the foundations of optimal control and derives practical control algorithms that leverage first-principle robot models as well as data collected from the robot system. Real-world challenges such as disturbances, state estimation errors and model errors are addressed, and adaptive and reinforcement learning approaches are derived to address these challenges... more info

Kickoff Meeting: 19.04.2024 (Friday) @ 09:45 in N2407

Machine Learning and Robotics Seminar Course

Wissenschaftliches Seminar

Students will gain knowledge in robot learning and control by critically reviewing existing literature in this field. Topics will vary each term. Example topics include machine learning models for robotics, human-centred robot learning, learning of interactive tasks, learning from demonstration, safe robot learning, and multi-robot learning... more info

Kickoff Meeting: 17.04.2024 (Wednesday) @ 13:15 in N2409

Semantics in Robot Perception and Decision-Making Seminar Course (New Module)

Wissenschaftliches Seminar, Co-offered with Prof. Angela Dai (IN)

Students will gain knowledge in robot decision-making by critically reviewing existing literature in this field, with a focus on semantics-informed approaches. The specific topics covered will change each term. Example topics include safe robot learning, learning from demonstration, language-conditioned robot learning, spatial AI, and 3D scene understanding... more info

Kickoff Meeting: 15.04.2024 (Monday) @ 15:00 in N2409

Autonomous Drone Racing Project Course


Students will gain hands-on experience in robot learning and control by developing their own comprehensive hardware/software solution for a drone racing problem. Student teams work jointly on the hardware and software solution, and develop a robot demonstration to showcase their results. The main goal of this course is to teach robotics problem solving skills as well as project management and teamwork. Having  experience in Python or C++ programming would be a plus... more info

Kickoff Meeting: 17.04.2024 (Wednesday) @ 15:00 in N2409