Open Positions

we are looking for exceptional candidates who are interested in working on projects at the interface of robotics, controls and machine learning. People in our group come from different backgrounds including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, engineering science, computer science, and physics. For an overview of the projects that we are working on, please visit our research page and have a look at some of our publications. Projects can range from strongly theory/mathematics-focused to being an even mix of theory and experimental. This video gives you a glimpse into our research.

Please see the lists below for our current open research and administrative positions. If you are interested in joining our group, please use this form to indicate your position of interest. We will contact you correspondingly.

Open Research Positions

  • Scientific Leadership (English)
  • PhD Thesis (English)
  • Master Thesis (English)
  • Bachelor Thesis (English)

Open Administrative Positions

  • Team Assistant (Focus on Finance) (German/English)  [link to TUM Job Portal] [link to PDF]
  • Head of Robotics Software (English)
  • Head of Robotics Hardware (English)