“6G will be human-focused”

Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer on the next wireless communications generation

From hologram-based communications to remote-controlled surgical procedures – the 6G wireless standard will make many high-tech applications a reality. A major project now being launched at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) aims to establish the key technical criteria for the new standard. In this interview, project leader Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer explains how 6G will become the most intelligent wireless network, when Germany could take on a leading role and why, in the world of research, new speed records are less important than ensuring 99.999999999% reliability.

The 6G Future Lab Bavaria at TUM is regarded as Germany’s largest university research project for the sixth wireless communications generation. The project is part of the Bavarian 6G initiative, for which the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs will provide at least 5 million euros in funding. Over the next three years, 12 research professorships will develop fundamental mechanisms for 6G and draw up a roadmap for its standardization and rollout. Project leader Prof. Wolfgang Kellerer is also one of the two spokesmen for the Thinknet 6G platform, which will be launched today by Bayern Innovativ as another building block in the Bavarian initiative to promote the networking of all relevant actors.

For the whole Interview go to the TUM press release as of March 25, 2021.

Zur TUM Pressemitteilung „Bei 6G wird der Mensch im Mittelpunkt stehen“ vom 25.3.2021.


Weitere Nachrichten:

Thinknet 6G Kickoff am 24.3.2021. Youtube video of the kickoff (ca. 45 min).

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