Research Directions

The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we live, becoming an integral part of our daily lives. IoT technology allows devices, appliances, and machines to communicate and work seamlessly, bringing convenience and efficiency to our lives. Among the most prominent examples of IoT systems is the connected and autonomous vehicle.  Smart vehicles are/will be  equipped with advanced sensors, communication technologies, and artificial intelligence, which allow them to communicate with other vehicles, road infrastructure, and pedestrians. Such technologies aim to reduce congestion and pollution by making commutes safer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly. 

However, most of the IoT systems are vulnerable to many cyber attacks, making it essential to ensure their security, particularly for safety-critical systems (such as smart vehicles) that could result in severe consequences if attacked. To address this issue, our research group focuses on innovating and developing solutions that provide intrusion prevention, detection, and response capabilities for these systems. The solutions are designed to consider the unique resources and real-time constraints, as well as the distributed and autonomous nature of these systems.



  1. CyberSecDome, EU  [2023 - 2026]
  2. CyberCTF, Funded by the German French Academy (GFA) [2023-2024]
  3. PANDORA, EU [2024 - 2027]
  4. DTACK, GFA [2024, 2025] 
  5. SecDataGen, GFA  [2024, 2025] 


  1. nIoVe, EU H2020 [2019- 2022]



Simutack: An Attack Simulation Framework for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

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