Content Creator for YouTube

We are looking for a new working student who can assist with development of new technical media content for YouTube. These are videos that are accompanied by text that are similar to blog posts, which will be used for the standardization activities at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web of Things.

Hours per week: It will be adjusted according to the availability of the student. 20h per week is possible.

Start date: As soon as possible.

Required Skills

The position requires knowledge of programming concepts and video production skills. More precisely, the knowledge of the following tasks are appreciated:

Video Production:

- Video editing: DaVinci Resolve, Camtasia or similar

- Image creation: Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or similar

Programming (and related):

- Node.js and Python

- JSON, JSON Schema

- Raspberry Pi, ESP, Linux

- Frontend Skills

COVID considerations

The work requires a certain degree of presence at the university to film video sequences of devices and for editing if the student's computer is not fit for the task. You will have your own office room for any of the editing tasks.


Please contact Fady Salama and send your CV along with a small portfolio of previous experience (previous videos, visual content, presentations)